Aging Into Your Empty Nest

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More and more adults today choose to age in place, electing to stick with their family homes rather than downsize. It seems like there’s an expectation for so-called ‘empty nesters’ to downsize their homes when baby birds finally fly off to fend for themselves. But why should you have to make the switch?

To Downsize Or Not To Downsize?

Winthorpe - Empty nesters - GETTY IMAGESOf course, there’s a practical reason for adult homeowners to downsize their property: families with children simply require more space than adult couples. Once kids are no longer in the picture, some adult homeowners might find themselves with more house than they know what to do with. And while there’s nothing wrong with having a little extra square footage to play around with, some find the costs—property taxes, insurance, and maintenance—outweigh the benefits.

So sure, empty nesters who choose to downsize stand to save a fair bit of money in the long term. But what about those who are anxious to preserve their family homes? Well, there’s also a case to be made for aging in place. 

Just because your kids are gone now doesn’t mean they won’t ever come back to visit. Retaining the family home means you’ll always have room for kids, grandkids, extended family, and friends. In fact, with more millennials struggling to break into the real estate market and grandparents who cannot live independently, multigenerational households are trending.

It also means you get to stay in your familiar neighborhood, and you really can’t put a price on having friends close by. And if we’re honest, sometimes you just don’t want to sell. Your family home can be deeply sentimental. If you have the financial means that align with the priorities mentioned above, there’s no reason to go anywhere. 

With a few minor upgrades, you can live well in the comfort and safety of a home you’ve always loved. Read on to find out how.

Aging In Place – And Style

Winthorpe - Empty nesters - 24-7pressrelease.comAre you ready to turn your empty nest into the dream home you’ve always wanted? Now’s the time to adapt your home to your wants and needs. After all, this is your space now, and just because you’re anticipating a family reunion doesn’t mean everything under your roof should stay the same as it was 15 years ago. It’s all about making modifications that suit your lifestyle.

What are your priorities as an empty nester? Are you focused on entertaining guests? Making room for your new—or not so new—hobbies? Reorganizing and rearranging? Updating the décor? Making adjustments for a safer and more senior-friendly setup?

Maybe you’re looking to renovate your kitchen to make it more adult-centric. Winthorpe Design & Build can take your kitchen from a family breakfast hub to a cool and classic culinary destination with all the makings of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Maybe you’re looking to reorganize and are in dire need of a new organizational system. Not a problem. Winthorpe can remodel your basement, install built-in shelving units, or create the perfect organizational system in your garage or anywhere you like.

Maybe it’s time for a makeover. With a freshly child-less house, you’re bound to have a lot more time and space on your hands. Why not create a whole new atmosphere for your home? Give it a facelift, or kick it up a notch with some minor—or major—renovations.

Or maybe you’re looking to enhance your home’s livability and make it a safe and secure environment for you and your aging loved ones. Home safety is never more critical than when we age, and you might be surprised to hear that risks are lurking in the most unexpected of places. From good lighting and extra-wide hallways to slip-safe bathrooms and senior-friendly stair solutions, Winthorpe can help adapt your home to meet the needs of its residents. Safety first!

Whatever your empty nester goals may be, it’s vital to work with a team that understands your vision. The wonderful thing about working with a design-build team like ours is that we all collaborate from the get-go to create your ideal home. Nothing is too niche or too custom. Rather than searching for prefabricated pieces to fit your preferences, Winthorpe creates those pieces according to your specifications, ensuring that they are exactly what you envision.

Winthorpe’s unique design and build working model means your design and contracting teams come as a package deal. There’s less go-between, less hassle, more collaboration, better communication, and superior results. Connect with us today, and let’s talk about it.

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