Architectural House Plans for Washington DC and Maryland Homes

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If you’re planning to build a home from scratch or even revamp your existing home, you’re probably aware of how complicated the process can be. Chances are, you’ve asked yourself at least once whether all the seemingly endless designing and planning is really necessary.

The short answer is yes. Construction can be a very delicate process. One mistake, when unnoticed, can pose a safety hazard to the builders. If it’s bad enough, it could even put you in danger once you move onto the lot. A lack of prior planning can lead to critical miscalculations and unexpected delays. 

The Importance of Architectural Home Design Plans

The architectural plans made by designers like the ones at Winthorpe Design and Build draw up are made to save you, as the client, time and money. For example, if the builders forget to add wiring before the drywall goes up, there are only a few solutions:

Move or change the location of the light fixture, switch, or outlet. 

Tear off the drywall, fix the wires, and then replace the drywall. 

Either way, that’s your time and money down the toilet. 

What do Architectural Home Design Plans Actually do?

Architectural home design plans play the most vital role in building a new home, other than the construction itself. Despite what you may think, architectural designs are about more than a simple floor plan. 

They include information crucial to every step of the designing and building processes. They include schedules to let the builders know which things they should be working on, when they should start, and when they should be done. They include the information and data needed to provide a financial estimate that’s as accurate as possible. House plans even include elevation and other lesser-known elements. Most importantly, architects draw up the floor plans and working drawings the builders need to make every inch of your home perfect. 

Architectural home design drawings are something that you can help with, by sitting down and talking with the designer or architect in charge. Like the ones at Winthorpe Design and Build, a good architect or designer will consult with you often – whenever they need a point of clarification. It’s their job to make sure everything in their drawings accurately represents what you want the final product to look like. 

Working with a Design-Build Firm like Winthorpe

The process of coming up with an architectural home design plan looks a little different, depending on who you’re working with. We recommend looking into a design and build firm, since their process automatically has the designers and the builders working closely together. This makes construction flow quite smoothly and minimizes mishaps. 

Winthorpe Design and Build has been working in this manner for nearly three decades. That’s a long time compared to other contracting firms. We’ve built up a lot of experience throughout these years that has allowed us to tweak and refine the way we do things. We’re constantly bettering ourselves and working to become the best designers and builders in the Maryland and D.C. area. 

Winthorpe’s Architectural Home Design Planning Process

So you may be wondering,“What does your process look like?” 

It may look a bit different now, since we had to make a few tweaks to fit pandemic safety regulations. We’ve added a way to consult with you virtually, but we promise that our process is just as simple as ever. If anything, we’ve made it easier! Even in these challenging times, we make sure to provide you with the same professional, high-quality service that we’re known for.

When working with a new client, the first step is setting up a virtual consultation and walkthrough via Zoom. This conversation typically takes around 20 minutes and allows us to discuss and better understand your tastes, desires, and goals for the project. 

We then follow this up with the design planning aspects. Our design team works with you virtually to outline and fine-tune the details of your project and make sure everything is how you want it. This pre-planning allows us to provide an accurate pricing estimate. Lastly, our expert construction team works their magic to bring your dream home design to life. 

After construction is complete, we offer three scheduled follow-ups to ensure you are satisfied with your new home. Learn more about us by visiting our website and browsing our past projects. To experience our new process, schedule a consultation with Withorpe Design and Build – a firm that genuinely cares about you.

We look forward to working with you!

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