Build on Your Lot in Maryland or Washington DC

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To the average person, “build on your lot” simply means building a home on a piece of property that you already own. But to home builders, it goes a little deeper.

As homeowners got more options for home construction, the real estate industry needed a way to differentiate all those options from one another. While you can build on your lot, you also have the choice of a production builder home or even a manufactured home.

However, if building on your lot in Maryland or DC interests you, then read on.

Build on Your Lot: What Does It Mean to Home Builders?

Build on your lot or BOYL refers to builders that have the ability to or specialize in building a home on a lot you own. This is in contrast to production builders that own entire communities that they build homes on. Some production builders have BOYL as a service, where they offer to build their mass produced home on your lot, but would prefer to develop their own community.

Are Custom Home Builders and “On Your Lot” Builders the Same?

Custom home builders and BOYL builders aren’t the same thing, but a builder can possess both qualities at the same time. While a builder can build on your lot, what they build there can be anything from a custom home to a build from a template.

Why Can Some Builders Build on My Lot While Others Can’t?

The reasons for a builder’s inability to build on your lot are varied:

  • They may not have the capability: Some builders are only able to build in certain areas or have a limited number of floor plans.
  • The lot may not meet the requirements: The land might be too small, not flat enough, or in an area that’s prone to flooding.
  • It could be cost prohibitive: It might cost more to develop the land than the builder is willing to pay. In this case, they would likely direct you to a production builder who buys land in bulk and can spread those development costs over multiple homesites.

Why Build on My Lot?

Building on your lot comes with hard-to-ignore advantages:

  • Pick the lot: This gives you a chance to pick a location that’s in the school district you want, is close to your job, or has the size and privacy you desire.
  • You already own the land: In some cases, people have land that’s been passed down through generations. If that describes your situation, then building on your lot enables you to keep the property in the family while also having a new home that meets your needs.
  • Design the home: You can add personal touches to your home by working with an architect or designer. And if you work with a BOYL builder that also does custom homes, they may already have design plans that you can choose from.
  • Master planned communities aren’t for you: If you want to live in a more secluded area or simply don’t like the feel of a cookie cutter neighborhood, BOYL may be a better option.

Building on Your Lot: Challenges Winthorpe Design & Build Can Help You With

Up until now, we’ve been touting the benefits of building on your lot. However, it does come with its own challenges:

  • It might cost more: The land itself may be more expensive if it’s in a desirable location. And since you’re not buying a home that’s already built, it’s difficult to know exactly how much it will cost until after the fact.
  • You’re responsible for everything: When you build on your lot, you’re responsible for getting the permits, utilities hooked up, and any other inspections that are required. If anything goes wrong, it’s on you to fix it.

Let’s address them one by one.

First off, while it may or may not cost more to build on your lot up front, what you need to remember is we’re building you a brand new home from the ground up. That means a home custom built with all the new materials, technologies, and building techniques of today.

This is a home you’re sure won’t just fall apart in a few years, and you get to save up in the long run.

Secondly, normally you would be responsible for everything. But Winthorpe Design & Build has all these professionals for a reason: so we can handle all of that for you.

Working With Winthorpe Design & Build

Have a lot in Maryland or Washington DC you want to build on? Winthorpe Design & Build can build it custom.

And by custom, we’re not talking about a home that’s been built from a template with some personal touches. We mean completely one-of-a-kind floor plans designed specifically for you and your family.

After all, we’re not just building a home on your lot, we’re building your home on your lot.

Reach out to us through our new process, and our team of designers and builders will work with you to create a home that is as unique as the people who will live in it.

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