How to Stay on Trend While Caring for and Maintaining Your New Kitchen Appliances

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When remodeling your kitchen, the appliances you choose to put in your new kitchen will be vital to your success and enjoyment of the new space. Of course, there’s the usual cooktop and refrigerator, but now there are more options than ever. And designers are always thinking of new ways to style these appliances and arrange them in more productive and functional ways. 


So what are the kitchen appliance trends right now? 

Dishwasher Drawers & Dishwashers in the Pantry

If you’ve ever not had a dishwasher, you know just how inconvenient it is to handwash everything. Dishwashers are a must in every kitchen, but there are more options now, depending on your needs. One of the most popular options right now is dishwasher drawers. Homeowners who don’t have kids in the home are opting for drawers because you can use one drawer for smaller loads or both for larger loads. It saves on water, and you could even have one drawer being filled while the other is washing so your sink is never filled with dishes. 

Designers are also seeing a trend toward putting dishwashers in pantries when possible. This gets the mess out of the central area, but this would only be feasible for those with large pantries in their design. Additionally, you’d have to store your plates and silverware in the pantry, taking up possibly valuable space. 

Double Ovens & Speed Ovens

Ovens are a staple in any kitchen design, but double ovens are a luxury that more and more homeowners are finding themselves drawn to. The ability to bake multiple items at different temperatures makes multitasking easy. This might be the perfect setup for those who entertain a lot or those with large families to cook for. 


Speed ovens are quickly taking over the market and often replacing microwaves. Although microwaves are convenient, there’s just no getting around the loss of flavor and texture when microwaving leftovers. However, with a speed oven, you get the speed of a microwave with the quality of an oven. 

Induction Ranges

Although induction ranges have become increasingly popular over the last few years, it’s a trend that’s picking up speed. Homeowners are lured in by its sleek appearance and then blown away by its capabilities and modern attributes. It’s a smooth surface, so it’s easy to clean, cool to the touch even when boiling a pot of water, and just as reactive as gas. Of course, some will always swear by gas cooktops being the best, but induction is quickly taking over. 

Pebble Ice Machines

Who doesn’t love uniform ice cubes in their drink? Whether you’re making an iced coffee, a cold cup of water, or a soda to go with your movie snack, ice is a must! Pebble ice machines are taking their moment in the spotlight, and it’s easy to see why. The machines create pebbles of ice that look aesthetically pleasing and perfectly keep your drink cool. They are the perfect addition to a kitchen remodel for those who entertain often and need large quantities of ice or for those who need ice in almost every drink they have. Never want to run to a gas state for a bag of ice? Maybe include a Pebble ice machine in your kitchen remodel. 

Column Fridge & Freezer

Having gone out of style a few years back, column fridges and freezers are making a surprise comeback! It’s primarily thanks to their new designs, trendy colors, and fantastic features that make them more appealing than their ancestors. Now, these column pairs can be installed separately. This means you can have a freezer in the pantry while the refrigerator is in the kitchen. Or you can have one in the kitchen with the fridge and another in the pantry. This convenience and customizability attract homeowners back to the column styles, and maybe it would be perfect for your kitchen remodel!

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