Cost of Building Custom Homes in Washington DC and Maryland

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There are many reasons why individuals choose to build their own homes. Whether they are moving from out of state or simply want more freedom when designing their floor plans, building a custom home can be very beneficial indeed. However, there are also many costs associated with this endeavor which you may not have considered up front. Here is a list of some things you would likely expect when undertaking a custom home build:

Building Permit

You may be required to purchase a building permit before you can even begin your project. This is especially true if your planned construction falls under certain categories such as changing the square footage of an existing structure, adding on to an existing house or doing significant work on the exterior of your property. You will have to pay fees that are relative to the size and scope of the project you’re undertaking.

You would need to assess whether or not you need a permit before taking any action. There may be many requirements through various agencies that differ depending upon where you live so it’s best to take care of this at the start rather than trying to apply for one later on down the line (when it would cost more).

Fees & Taxes

You will usually have to pay a number of other fees and taxes as well. There may be a variety of different charges that you are liable for including property taxes, legal fees, and technical assistance costs. These costs can really add up over time so it is best to make sure you understand what they all entail before committing to a build.

If you are building an expensive home, you will have to pay more fees and taxes than somebody who is constructing a smaller sized one. These will vary widely depending upon where your property is located and which municipality it falls under.

Construction Costs

Obviously the actual construction process is going to be expensive no matter what size of house you’re building. The costs of building supplies such as concrete, lumber, roofing material, drywall, and insulation can add up very quickly. There are so many different things involved in building a house that some may be surprised at how much is required just to build the foundation. This list includes: grading of your land, ground water removal and disposal, built-up fill dirt for leveling and foundations, warranties on the building materials and labor, backfill around the foundation walls, and excavation of footings or basements.

It is highly advisable to get the site properly assessed before beginning any of the work. It would be very unfortunate if later on down the road you were forced to deal with major structural damage due to cheap construction choices made at the start of your project.

Furnishings and Appliances

If you plan on furnishing your new house with brand new furniture and appliances, be prepared to incur the associated costs. Where you get your furnishings and appliances from is another key decision you will need to make. Buying them locally will usually be less expensive in the long run because you won’t have to pay for shipping. However, if you plan on going with a big name brand, there may be enough savings through buying online that will offset any costs incurred from shipping.

Custom furnishings are generally more expensive but should also be seen as an investment due to the fact that you will have them for a long time. This ultimately boils down to personal preference but it’s certainly worth taking the quality of your furnishings into account before making any final decisions on what you will be purchasing.

Utility Hookups and Other Additional Costs

If your land does not currently have electricity or water available, you will need to make plans for how these amenities will be provided during the construction of the house. It is far easier if these hookups are in place prior to beginning any sort of development on your property but this may not always be an option (especially in rural areas).

There are many other miscellaneous costs that you should take into consideration as well. For example, if your property is not connected to a septic or public sewer system, you will need to consider the construction of these things too. On top of this, there may be zoning restrictions on what can be built where so it’s best to check with the proper authorities before beginning any sort of work. You may also want to consult with a legal professional about liability issues that come up during the build process (such as accidents).

Hiring Experts

With everything that’s going on with a custom home build, it’s clear that you would need an army of professionals and experts to help you through the process. You can streamline the entire operation by hiring a design-build firm such as Winthorpe Design & Build to take care of everything for you.

Get in touch today via our new process and we will not only handle construction but we will be involved with every single aspect of the build so that nothing slips through the cracks.

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