Custom Washington DC and Maryland Home Building Facts

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Building a home from scratch is an exciting project, but it’s also a lot of work. Those who are building their own home should keep some facts about custom home builds in mind before they start construction.

No two homes are exactly the same, especially custom home builds.

A house that is being built from scratch is not going to have tile flooring throughout or be painted with pre-selected colors. Each room will have different size windows, and there may even be extra rooms that were not anticipated by the homeowner during construction plans. This can create extra work for those tasked with completing the structure. Some homeowners choose to go “off plan” when this happens so that changes do not cost as much money or time to fix later on.

Custom home builds require more than just construction work.

If homeowners are having their home custom built, they also need to hire engineers and architects who can help the team with things like structural drawing, plumbing design, electrical work design, etc. Custom homes will contain materials that most homes do not have (for example, a unique entrance or landscape designs).

More “hands-on” homeowners should expect to make several trips back to the new build site while construction is ongoing.

Most builders require at least one visit once per week by owners during construction, if only to check on progress and verify costs of supplies. Some people choose to make biweekly visits instead of weekly ones in order to save money if they are on a tight budget. This also allows them to review any changes that have been made since the last visit.

When it comes to cost, custom home builds are hard to predict.

Some projects come in under or over budget, but there is no guarantee that this will happen for every build. Homeowners should expect to pay more if their plans call for luxurious materials and design features – after all, the project is “custom” because it does not fit pre-existing plans.

Hiring a builder vs building yourself are two different things.

If homeowners are planning on building themselves, they need to be aware of how many hours per day can go into construction work. It may take several days just to complete each room depending on labor efficiency and job size/scope (and some rooms may require more than one person in order to finish in a timely manner).

There are added costs even when choosing to build yourself.

Choosing construction work is not the same thing as having a home built by professionals. Homeowners need to be aware of costs such as gas mileage, wear and tear on vehicles, and dining out while the project is underway (if they choose to do so). Finishing projects can add up quickly because tools may need repairs or replacement after extended use.

Construction equipment rentals should be factored into overall costs.

A big piece of equipment like a bulldozer isn’t cheap – renting one for a week will cost homeowners more than having it done by a contractor would have cost in the first place. Landscaping tools and labor may also be rented in order to finish the project if homeowners do not want to purchase these things outright.

Homeowners need to allow for enough time in their schedule so they can follow up on unexpected situations.

Some days may require more than 8 hours of work, and there could be weather or other problems that cause delays in construction progress. It is important that homeowners consider the amount of free time they have when planning a custom build project because it will take much longer than building a home from pre-existing plans (and it will add additional costs).

Homeowners will ultimately need to find contractors that they can trust.

Building a home will take time, and homeowners need to be sure that the people working on their project are reliable. If workers leave halfway through the project or do not complete work in a timely manner, this could cause major problems later on. Hiring a design and build firm, especially one with nearly 30 years of experience, that can provide references from previous customers is a good call. It will give potential clients an idea of what kind of work the builder is capable of.

Homeowners need to be willing to put in the time and effort needed to get through construction while also being aware of potential problems that could arise during or after a project is done. Hiring a firm that has everything under one roof such as Winthorpe Design & Build who can provide a work schedule and breakdown of costs will help homeowners organize their thoughts going into a build while allowing for enough “down time” in order to relax and enjoy the finished product.

Let Winthorpe Design & Build handle the heavy lifting. Get in touch with us through our new process and leave your custom home remodels and builds in our capable hands.

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