Designing and Constructing an Addition or Renovation for Elderly Clients or Parents

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If you’ve done construction before or have previously researched the topic, then you’ve probably heard of the term “aging in place.” Aging in place is also a term you may have heard if you work in the medical field or live with a retiree. Essentially, it means that an elderly person in later years will be able to live independently in their own space with little to no outside assistance, safely and comfortably. 

Why an Addition or Renovation is Important for your Aging Parents

While there are many able-bodied people in the elderly community, they often need adjustments to their homes to make it safe to remain living on their own. Similarly, you may want to make additions that adapt a home for those with certain disabilities or who need a wheelchair.

At Winthorpe Design and Build, we understand that deciding to live independently or trusting your parents to do so can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to ensure that every precaution for your individual needs has been put in place. 

We’ve done hundreds of home renovations, designs, repairs, additions, and more. We’ve had clients with specific needs that we’ve been able to accommodate in ways that thrilled them. We can generally find a way to incorporate nearly anything into the design theme they want for their space.

Aging in place is an important option for many elderly individuals. When someone agrees to live in a retirement home or elder care facility, they can feel like they’re relinquishing their last bit of freedom. We understand how important it is for them to hold on to their independence. Still, we also understand how important it is to live in a safe, comfortable, and sustainable environment. 

Advice and Tips on Making Sure Your Elderly Parents’ Home is Safe and Comfortable

We’ve helped many clients navigate this situation before, and we can help you design a safe and comfortable place for your aging parents to reside. This project will be in good hands when you work with our expert team at Winthorpe Design and Build.

There are many aspects to consider when designing a space safe for the elderly to live in while retaining their independence. Some design layouts, like stairs and narrow hallways, are out of the question. But there are other factors that may not be as obvious until you dive into the design phase.

Avoid as Many Fall Risks as Possible

For many elderly people, falling is one of the most significant risks you must take steps to prevent. Other than getting LifeAlert, there are some things you can do to help them avoid falls when designing and building their new home. 

One of the easiest ways to reduce fall risk is to install railings and grab bars in high-risk spaces. These places include showers, bathrooms, steps, and long hallways with nothing to grab onto. 

If stairs are unavoidable due to a preexisting layout, consider getting in a stairlift. 

With a lift, your loved one can still go up and down stairs, but without worrying they might fall. Anything that helps them retain mobility and independence will serve to enhance their quality of life. 

Remember that Their Grip will Worsen Over Time

As people get older, their grip and fine motor skills start to diminish. While this may not seem like something too essential in a home, it is actually a significant issue. Doorknobs or locks that are too small or oddly shaped can become too hard to grasp. Round doorknobs are especially tricky for people with arthritis. To help prevent this, you can instill flat or lever-shaped door handles and larger, flat-shaped locks.

Consider Asking Them To Move In With You

If you’re still unsure about it and really want to make your parents are receiving proper care, you can consider asking them to move in with you. This way, they can maintain much of their independence without going to a retirement home or elderly care community.

Making an addition to your home specifically designed for your elderly parent(s) to safely reside is a good idea to consider. That way, you’re not losing space, they get to keep their privacy, and you don’t have to make any major changes to your guest room. Remember, it’s still a good idea to add railings, ergonomic handles, and grab bars in public spaces or wherever needed.

Winthorpe Design and Build

Caring for your elderly parents without making them feel like a burden or taking away independence is important to both you and them. What’s important to you is important to us, so we always put forth our best effort. That’s why our designers and builders are ready to put their years of knowledge and hands-on experience to work on making the safest, most comfortable space possible for your elderly parents.

Contact us now to take the first step toward achieving the dream home for both you and everyone else in it, young or old.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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