Creating Zones With Different Flooring

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Considering having an open floor layout? If you are interested, these tips can help you create your home to have an open floor layout with different floorings.

One common problem asked is how sure are you that your open floor layout is not gonna be one big giant room. Simple. Use different flooring materials to designate different sections for your rooms as a quick indicator.

Consider your floor transitions

Are you going for a smooth transition or a strong transition?

If you are going for a smooth transition, consider applying different shades of the same material instead of using two different materials. For example, shown in the image below is a smooth transition between the wood.

On the other hand, shown below is a strong transition between the living room and dining room by using two completely different materials shown in the image below.

Another recommendation we have is to check our other article showing an example of an open floor layout in a multi-purpose garage.

Rugs as a Flexible Flooring Material

If you are not looking for different flooring materials, consider rugs as an alternative as these can be flexible in design. You can change the rugs from time to time from color to color. The possibilities are endless.

Although if you compare them to floors, rugs are more difficult to clean. Spill some wine or some paint you are in big trouble. An easy way is just to replace the rug.

Subtle Transitions using Different Elevations

Maybe you don’t have enough different materials to have these transitions for your zoning. A good option to consider is a small elevation change of just a few inches. A thing to take note of here is that this kind of solution may be more permanent than the other options stated above. If you are willing to commit to a single layout for a very long time and you don’t have enough materials, this is your option.

In summary, when creating zones with different flooring within an open floor layout, you need to consider a few things. First, think about what type of design you’re creating and whether you have a different furniture piece that could also be used to create new zones. To achieve a smooth transition between the different types of floors, you can use the same material but in different shades. Additionally, if you want a strong separation for each zone, determine which types of hard floors would work best for your home. Lastly, keep in mind the size transitions will occur in your home and where these should take place to avoid any unwanted surprises. So get creative and start designing!  Check out our previous work for more inspiration, as well as our other articles if you need some more ideas or advice!

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