Floor Tiles, Marble, and Your Washington DC or Maryland Home

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Marble floor tiles are highly sought after for their beauty and practicality. They are naturally beautiful with a wide variety of color and texture. They make very sturdy tiles, can be installed in many different ways, and are cold-resistant.

It wasn’t until after the end of World War II that marble floor tiles became available for purchase en masse by the general population. Inventory had been destroyed by bombings in Europe, so there was a lot of demand for new supplies from all over the world. The Italians began producing large quantities of marble fiber cement mix flooring which they sold to Americans who wanted attractive floors for their new homes. Today, you can find marble tiles in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit the tastes of any homeowner.

Marble Floor Tiles as Home Decorative Elements

In addition to their practical uses, marble floor tiles are extremely attractive decorative elements. Marble flooring has been used extensively throughout history for both public and private spaces – including churches – because it is a naturally occurring element that is beautiful, but also easy enough to obtain that most people can have it put into their homes fairly easily. It has a variety of uses which make it ideal for almost every room in the house, mainly due to its non-conformity which makes it adaptable to different settings. Marble floor tiles are comfortable to walk on, provide warmth and texture in a home, and most importantly they can be beautiful and bring color into the setting where they’re used.

Marble Floor Tiles for Different Settings

Though marble floor tiles can be installed in most settings, there are certain areas that lend themselves more readily to this material than others. Aging hardwood floors, such as those found in basements or historic homes, often benefit from the use of marble floor tiles because it provides a non-abrasive covering that will not wear away or damage their surface. Marble is also commonly used when building entire floors out of tile because it provides an attractive yet practical foundation for any setting. It is able to withstand high volumes of foot traffic better than many other flooring materials, which makes it an excellent choice for modern homes where there are lots of people coming and going. Marble is also used in upscale condos to give the space a sense of luxury. Marble floor tiles are also used in kitchens and bathrooms . The color and charm of marble makes it ideal for these rooms, but they must be sealed to make sure the material doesn’t get damaged by water.

Installing Marble Floor Tiles in a Home

The tile itself comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, but is most commonly available in rectangles which can be laid side by side to cover large areas. It’s also possible to use different color marble tiles to create patterns on the floor, though this takes more care when installing the material. Due to its weight, it isn’t advisable to install marble floor tiles on any type of foundation that needs movement. This could include piers or posts that are not attached directly into the ground, as well as various types of floating slabs.

Before you begin installing your marble floor tiles, it’s important to know how large the area is that will be covered. This allows you to order an appropriate amount of material so there isn’t any excess left over once the project is done. You’ll also want to make sure that you have everything necessary before starting. This includes all of the tools for preparation and installation, as well as anything else which may be required like mastic or grout. Though these products are often included with new marble floor tiles, some retailers do not include them because they can vary according to personal taste. If you already have access to white mastic or white grout, then you may only need one additional clear sealant in order to complete your project.

Before You Go All-in on Marble Floor Tiling…

Although marble floor tiles are often used to decorate homes, they do have some disadvantages that should be considered prior to installation. Marble is porous and can get stained easily, or become dull over time. It’s also quite heavy, which means it may not be suitable for all types of foundations including covered porches and patios. Marble floor tiles will need re-sealing every couple of years in order to prevent damage from water penetration.

So, Is Marble the Way to Go?

Unsure about whether or not marble floor tiles fit your build? The best thing to do is to consult with a firm that specializes in the design-build process like Winthorpe Design & Build. A professional will be able to determine which materials are most suitable for each situation, as well as what types of protection or maintenance they need so you won’t have any problems down the road.

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