Our cherished clients reap the benefits every day.

You may be wondering what makes Winthorpe Design and Build so special. We don’t have secret powers, but we do have a powerful formula for success: we put the client first. We make the custom home process as easy as possible with honesty, integrity, and transparency. We’d love to help you along the journey toward a house you’ll love for years to come. What sets us apart?

Unlike other “custom builders” – we actually are

Other firms present you with three or more floor plans, and then ask you to choose from the available options. When you’re asked to choose from a set of pre-made plans to “customize around,” that’s NOT true customization.

Winthorpe is different. We create custom floor plans with you, from scratch. Unlike others, we don’t put limits to your imagination or impose any constraints by just giving you a set of stock drawings to choose from. 

With us, you are at the heart of the design process. You control all the details. You make every single final decision, down to the smallest one. 

We simply bring your special and unique vision to life.

You get a truly customized home that perfectly matches your needs and style. With a home built exactly the way you want, you’ll potentially save money in the long run because you’re less likely to remodel, renovate, or buy another house that better fits your needs and desires.

We have an on-site project manager the whole time

Other “custom builders” have a project manager show up once in a while. They may spend only 20 minutes per site checking on the work of the subcontractors, but because they’re overseeing so many projects, they can’t give yours the focus it deserves. Our project managers are on-site every minute that work is being done. This guarantees continuity in the project and helps catch and prevent small mistakes before they can become large ones

We never stop designing

Once you approve the drawings, we don’t just run full steam ahead. We’re still actively thinking about how to customize the project to your liking throughout the entire process. One client was surprised that we were still looking through the drawings and overcoming project challenges instead of blindly following the approved plans.

We perform a feasibility study before we start

While it does cost money, it can save you in the long run by detecting potential issues before work begins. Don’t choose a lot and home design without first finding out how well the two go together.

We’re a true design-build firm

Many contracting firms call themselves design-build but aren’t. They may pick an architect and an engineer and bring them back to the builder – but that’s not design-build, that’s sub-contracting. We are design-build done right because we do it all under one roof. We design the architectural plans and build the home, so we can make sure it’s done right.

Get real custom fixtures to choose from

Unlike other builders, we give you a wide range of customization options. We’ll install any plumbing, light, or tile fixture you want. If someone offers you “custom fixtures” but then gives you a limited set of options, that’s not customization.

Real Quality, Real Value

At first glance, it may appear that we are more expensive up front, but the extra care we take on every project pays off in the end. We use a no-bid process with our subcontractors, because we focus on quality and not cutting costs. We always do what’s right for your project – not our bottom line. As a result, our work is high-quality, long-lasting, and won’t start showing problems in a few years. If we let our subcontractors try to under-bid each other for every job, it would just become a race to the bottom, with everyone rushing to perform quick and sub-par work for less money.

Meadow View

Brighton Dam Rd in Clarksville, MD


4 BD / 3.5 BA / 3,952 SQFT

This spectacular Elegant Farm home is a sample of what can be built on this property.

This 3.47 acre lot is a jewel that is being shared for those who have long-awaited that perfect blend of nature, privacy and winding pathways backing to Waterford’s 15 acre preservation piece that can never be built on .

This expansive area captivates a lifestyle of serenity with a twist of adventure. Your own personal park with pathways to play, hike, play hide-n-seek and more!

High Field

Brighton Dam Rd in Clarksville, MD


4 BA / 3.5 BD / 5,789 SQFT

This 4-bed home is a sample of what can be built on this property.

This 3.57 acre lot is a jewel that is being shared for those who have long awaited that perfect blend of nature, privacy, rolling hills backing to a quaint stream and winding pathways.

This captivates a lifestyle of serenity with a twist of adventure. Your own personal park with a private cove by the stream is the perfect place to relax after a long day.

This house rendering is a beautiful modern-style home with classic prairie elements. The exterior combines wood and stone with large modern windows to give this home tons of curb appeal.

* Square foot numbers are approximate. Pricing is subject to change based on customizations.