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If you’re working with tile, you’ll need to use a tile backer board. You want the very best for your home, so you should consider using the GoBoard tile backer board. It’s a lightweight, water-resistant backer board by Johns Manville. Despite being roughly 80% lighter than backer boards made of cement, it’s also incredibly durable. 

Since it’s such a lightweight material, it’s also extremely easy to handle. You can cut right through it with a basic utility knife wherever you plan to install it. There won’t be any crumbling or disintegration to worry about. One of its best features is that it’s already got waterproofing built-in, so you don’t have to worry about the mess of waterproofing it yourself. 

How Well Does GoBoard Tile Backer Board Perform? 

If you’re considering using GoBoard Tile Backer Board, it may interest you to know that these composite backer boards offer the equivalent quality performance of ANSI A118.9. And, as far as waterproofing goes, its performance as a waterproofing membrane equals the performance quality of ANSI A118.10. To get the maximum performance, all you have to do is ensure it’s installed following the ECC-ES evaluation report 4.2.4. 

How Thick is GoBoard Tile Backer Board?

GoBoard Tile Backer Board is available in six different thicknesses so that you can use it for a variety of purposes. 

¼“ for floors and countertops. 

½“ for walls, showers, ceilings, and floors. 

⅝“ for walls, showers, ceilings, and floors. 

1” for walls, benches, shelves, tub surrounds, vanities, and countertops. 

1½“ for walls, benches, shelves, tub surrounds, vanities, and countertops. 

2” for walls, benches, shelves, tub surrounds, vanities, and countertops. 

What Materials are Approved to be Used with GoBoard Tile Backing Board?

The materials that are approved/ recommended for use alongside the GoBoard Tile Backing Board vary depending on what you’re using it for and what you’ll be fastening it to. 

Wooden studs 

  • 1¼ “ long GoBoard Fasteners. 
  • 1¼” long BackerBoard screws. 
  • GoBoard washers. 
  • 1½” long galvanized roofing nails. 
  • 1” x 1” galvanized 16 gauge staples. 

Metal Studs

  • 1 ¼” long GoBoard Fasteners.
  • GoBoard Washers. 
  • 1¼” long backer board screws. 

For joint sealing, it is recommended that you use GoBoard Pro Sealant, an approved alternative or 2” wide polymer-coated alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh tape and mortar, coated with a liquid waterproofing membrane. 

For grout, it is recommended you use cement grout compliant with mandatory standards, high-performance cement grout compliant with ANSI A 118.7 standards, or epoxy grout compliant with ANSI A 118.8 standards.

What Tools are Needed to Install GoBoard?

  • Utility knife
  • Pencil to mark with
  • Straight edge
  • Measuring tape
  • Putty Knife
  • Roofing nail or backer board fastening device as specified above
  • ¼” notched trowel
  • Caulk gun
  • 1”-3” paintbrush, if you’re going to be using waterproofing

What Limitations/ Regulations Should I be Aware of?

As versatile and durable as it is, GoBoard Tile Backing Board should not be used as a structural wall, as it is not intended to bear heavy loads. Using it as part of a load-bearing structure constitutes a safety risk and violates national building code requirements. 

GoBoard is only intended for residential and light commercial use in flooring, never as a shower pan base. When used for waterproofing purposes, GoBoard Tile Backing Board must have a waterproofing seal over every joint and fastener location (with the specified material). 

All tiles installed on GoBoard Tile Backing Board should be a minimum of 6” for safety reasons. 

Safety and Handling Guidelines

To stay safe when installing GoBoard Tile Backing Board, you should wear the following protection:

  • Adequate Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Long sleeve shirt(s)
  • Long Pants
  • Reasonable Shoes
  • Any desired face coverings

When GoBoard is not used immediately, it should be stored on a flat surface in a dry, covered shelter. GoBoard contains no cement. 

Are there Safety Warnings?

Upon exposure to fibers or dust particles resulting from using GOBoard Tile Backing Board, you may experience an itching sensation around the mouth and eyes and on some skin regions. 

Who Can Install GoBoard for Me?

If all of the safety precautions, regulations, and steps to installing GoBoard Tile Backing Board sound complicated and intimidating, don’t let that stop you from using this excellent choice of tile backing board. 

At Winthorpe Design and Build, we have the expertise to install this superior backing product in your next home remodeling project involving tile. We’ve been in the business for nearly three decades and have helped countless clients in the Maryland and D.C. areas. Our team of highly skilled builders is always friendly and knows how to get the job done right. If anything ever goes wrong, we’ll promptly meet with you and explain the issue, address your concerns, and discuss where to go next.

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