Home Beautification Tips for Your Washington DC or Maryland Area Home

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When it comes to designing, building, or renovating your home, nothing is more important than making sure it’s something you’ll love for years to come. That’s why it’s essential to research and browse as many style options as possible until you find something that will make your dreams of a perfect home a reality. 

If the idea of imagining your home design and doing all the work yourself makes you feel stressed, don’t sweat it. There’s no reason you have to do everything yourself if you don’t want to. Let our team at Winthorpe Design and Build help! We have years of experience, and based on the projects we’ve completed, here are some of our best tips to beautify your home. 

Picking a Color Scheme

The colors you choose to decorate and style your living area will significantly impact the mood your room portrays. So when deciding what you’re going to use in your new space, color should receive a fair bit of your focus. Neutral colors and white-washed rooms may be trendy right now, but they will lack personality if you don’t pair them with the right furniture and decorations. 

If the patterns and shapes with which you fill your room are basic and lack flavor, then choosing a neutral color or using only white is probably a mistake. One of two things will happen: either it will be drab and impart a sense of boredom, or it will seem clinical and uninviting, and guests will feel like they can’t relax. With the decor of your room, you could unwittingly make your guests feel uncomfortable or even unwelcome. Neither option is good if you want a room to feel welcoming, safe, and relaxing.

On the other hand, using too many dark colors and shades of black can make a space feel drab, gloomy, and ominous. While people tend to feel more comfortable with this than harsh white colors and drab neutral tones, it can make them feel uncomfortable and on edge if not executed properly. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Unless they wouldn’t make sense for the space you’re decorating, mirrors are perfect for nearly any decor. They can amplify available light while making the room feel more spacious. In addition, using mirrors gives a room a sense of openness that puts people at ease and can even improve the Feng Shui of your home. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize!

Accessories (or lack thereof) can make or break a room’s design. Even something minor, like a poster or an accent pillow, can work wonders. Changing the decorations in a room can completely change the energy and mood it portrays. If you have many small decorations scattered about, that can play into eclectic or industrial designs. On the other hand, having a few larger decorations (or none at all) can emphasize a minimalist or modern design approach. You can wield a lot of power with accessories, so be sure to use it carefully.

Go All-Natural!

Okay, maybe not all natural, but embracing natural light, adding plants, and using nature-themed decorations can go a long way toward making a space feel more comfortable and welcoming. Not to mention that many houseplants can improve air quality and make the energy of a room feel more positive and uplifting.

You can also use natural textures like wood, stone, and wrought iron to pull the decor together and create a rustic atmosphere. Using natural materials to decorate can create a vintage feel, which you could tilt toward a fairy-garden aesthetic or more of a 19th-Century observatory, depending on your accessories. 

Winthorpe Design and Build

These general tips are a great start to set you on the path toward home redesign. If you still need help or don’t quite know what you want to do, that’s not a problem. The team of elite designers at Winthorpe Design and Build are more than happy to help, and they’ve got the experience to get it done right. 

We’ve been in the remodeling and renovation business for over three decades. And, since we’re a design-build firm rather than just architects or merely construction workers, we can create fantastic designs for you using our hands-on knowledge and experience to make a practical plan for as little cost and effort as possible.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so if you live in the Maryland or Washington D.C. areas and need some construction or renovations, Winthorpe Design & Build is here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or to set up a virtual consultation today. We would love to hear from you and are excited to work on our next project together.

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