Remodeling your Howard County, MD home is an exciting proposition, but doing all the work on your own can be a daunting task.

Winthorpe Design & Build is your local Bathroom and Kitchen expert in Howard County. Our experience and expertise ensure that your job is completed on time and on budget, delivering value, and helping you transform your idea into reality.


  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Bedrooms and Master Suites
  • Additions and Conversions
  • Interior and Exterior Improvements
  • And Much More Besides

Our team includes in-house designers and architects, and because we have been in the business for so long, we have access to the region’s top artisans, suppliers, and technicians. Working with us, you can be assured of quality, integrity, and the best possible price for your remodeling needs.


Your home is your castle. Your interiors and exteriors should reflect your lifestyle, creativity, and sense of aesthetics. 

Whether you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen to reflect today’s contemporary styles or shaking things up with a more eclectic look, we’ve got the ideas and solutions you need to make it real. 

Some reasons why you might want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom include: 

  • Make your space more efficient 
  • Upgrades in preparation for resale 
  • Add a touch of luxury 
  • Expand and modernize 
  • Update with new appliances and technology

No matter what your reason for renovating in Howard County, our team will help you select the perfect colors, materials, finishes, and more. From concept to finished product, we are here to help you achieve your ideal design.



Howard County kitchen renovation delivers a lot of resale value. Kitchens are at the top of the list of home renovation projects because they provide such a high return on your investment. 

Other reasons you might have for upgrading your kitchen might include poor functionality and layout, or perhaps a lack of usable storage space. During our initial consultation, we will ask a lot of questions to find your specific concerns. This way, we can better understand your vision for the space. 

There are a range of items we take into account, such as how long you plan to stay in the house, what your family routine is, where you see yourself in ten or even 20 years, and if there is a need for accessible features. 

Whatever your vision might be, we guarantee we can make it a reality. 

Our kitchen renovation services include: 

  • Custom Cabinets & Replacement Cabinets 
  • Countertop Replacement & Resurfacing 
  • Kitchen Islands 
  • Island Countertops 
  • Kitchen Expansions 
  • Storage Solutions 
  • Kitchen Additions with a Breakfast Room 
  • Open-concept living design 
  • All Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC Services

Simply put, when it comes to kitchen renovations in Howard County, Winthorpe does it all. As a trusted local design-build firm, we have what it takes to bring your ideas to life.


When it comes to bathrooms, there is no end to what we can help you achieve. Whether you want to design a master ensuite, add a guest bathroom, a powder room, or make your current bathrooms ADA approved, we are ready to help. 

Bathroom renovations are a great way to gain some personal luxury, too. Adding spa features like a sauna, steam shower, jet tub, or a chromatherapy tub takes your bathroom from functional to fabulous in no time, and radiant underfloor heating is a comfort on cold winter mornings. New technology in bathroom design includes smart mirrors, lighted mirrors, and built-in Bluetooth speakers and screens to support your active lifestyle. 

A bathroom renovation isn’t just to highlight your own style. It can also create an inviting place for your guests when they visit. 

Bathroom renovations in Howard County, MD, deliver a superior return on investment, too. If you are renovating your bathroom because you plan to sell your home, speak to us about getting started. 

Our bathroom renovation services include: 

  • Custom Cabinetry 
  • Custom Bathroom Additions 
  • Heated Tile Floors 
  • Complete Bathroom Makeovers 
  • Granite or Marble Countertops 
  • And So Much More


A room addition or conversion is a great way to add living space to your home, upgrade your lifestyle, add a suite for extra income, or make room for a growing family. 

Winthorpe Design & Build delivers the complete picture: we will help you design your room addition from end-to-end. From the architectural planning to the final coat of paint, we will see to every detail until you are completely delighted with the result. 

Reach out today to schedule a conversation. We would love to hear about your plans and show you how we can help.