The complete guide to Howard County Shopping

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If you’re looking for places to shop in the Howard County area, there are plenty of options. From local shopping centers to specialty boutiques, there’s no shortage of high-quality stores and brands that make shopping in Howard County a treat. So whether you’re an avid shopper or just looking for something new and different, here are my picks for the best places to shop in this beautiful county!

Mall in Columbia

The Mall in Columbia is located at Snowden River Parkway and Route 29, which are the two main routes into Columbia. It’s easily accessible from all over the Baltimore-Washington region, so if you’re coming from out of town, it’s worth making a day trip there!

The mall itself has more than 100 stores and restaurants—including a movie theater—and plenty of parking to accommodate everyone. If you need something quick to eat or drink while shopping, there are several restaurants nearby where you can grab a bite:

  • Chili’s Grill & Bar: The restaurant chain has locations throughout Maryland, including this one right next door to The Mall in Columbia. Their menu includes burgers and chicken wings as well as Mexican dishes like nachos and quesadillas.

Turf Valley Towne Square

Located at the intersection of Maryland Route 175 and I-70, Turf Valley Towne Square is a popular choice for those looking to skip traffic in Columbia, Ellicott City or Baltimore. In addition to its proximity to major highways, this mall is also easily accessible by public transportation, with bus stops right outside.

The mall has over 40 stores and restaurants on two floors. The first floor features high-end retailers such as Ann Taylor Loft, Dillard’s, and Macy’s, as well as home goods stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Sears Hometown Stores. On the second floor, you’ll find department store staples like Nordstrom Rack and Sears Outlet along with entertainment options like Regal Cinemas 16 IMAX & RPX Digital Cinema Complex.

You can find plenty of free parking at this location; however, if there are no spots available you may have to park in another lot nearby (which does cost money).

If you’re looking for a nice place to shop, with a few possible side trips, like eating out or watching a movie — then Turf Valley is the place to go.

Snowden Square

Snowden Square is located in Columbia, Maryland. The mall was built in 1972 and has a variety of stores, restaurants, and services for you to shop at. It also hosts many events throughout the year that you can attend with your family or friends. Snowden Square has plenty of activities to keep you entertained such as cinemas and as well as amenities like public transportation nearby to make shopping even easier!

The Mall in St. Charles

The Mall in St. Charles, located just outside of St. Louis, is the ideal place to go shopping for a variety of things. It has a food court with several different options such as Panda Express, Sbarro Pizza and Panera Bread you can grab something to eat while you’re there. If you want to catch a movie while shopping, they have an AMC movie theater that shows first-run movies and has stadium seating so everyone has an excellent view of the screen. They also have a play area for kids so they can let off some steam while their parent’s shop! They also offer free Wi-Fi throughout the mall if you need some internet access while browsing stores or catching up on emails at one of their many tables in Starbucks or Au Bon Pain—the perfect places for laptop users who need some space away from home!

The Mall in St. Charles also offers plenty of choices when it comes to dining out: Checkers & Rally’s serves up its signature double drive-thru burger experience; The Charcoal Room offers upscale cuisine created by Executive Chef Todd Schuler; Jamba Juice has healthy smoothies made with fresh fruit juices; McAlister’s Deli serves up sandwiches made fresh daily using meats smoked daily on site (the pulled pork sandwich is amazing); Noodles & Co lets customers customize their meals choosing from pasta dishes over noodles made fresh daily along with great sauces like creamy Alfredo sauce or spicy Thai peanut sauce; Potbelly Sandwich Works serves up delicious sandwiches including vegetarian options like hummus veggie wrap along with specialty sandwiches like Meatball Parmesan sub sandwich topped off with mozzarella cheese sticks melted under heat lamps—it’s a meal fit for kings (and queens)! Finally, Texas Roadhouse offers traditional steakhouse fare such as baby back ribs grilled over mesquite wood chips…

Southdale Center

Southdale Center is a shopping mall located in Columbia, Maryland. The mall is located on Snowden River Parkway, just south of the town center’s central plaza. It was built in 1967 and has been expanded several times since then to include over 100 stores and restaurants.

The main anchors are JCPenney and Macy’s (formerly Montgomery Ward.) Other notable tenants include Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gap Inc., Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store, Ulta Beauty Cosmetics Store & More plus others such as Sears Hometown Stores Inc., T.J Maxx LLC., American Eagle Outfitters Inc., AMC Theatres Inc.

River Hill Village Center

Located on River Road in Columbia, this indoor shopping center features a wide range of services and stores. The mall is home to several sit-down restaurants and cafes, including Chipotle, Panera Bread and Five Guys Burgers & Fries; the area also has plenty of fast food options for those in a hurry—including McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s.

The Howard County public library branch is located within the venue as well; it offers free Wi-Fi access as well as free public computer terminals for anyone who wants them.

Long Reach Village Center

There are many popular shopping destinations in Howard County, but Long Reach Village Center is one of the best. This center has all the amenities you need in order to have a great time and also make some purchases.

  • There are multiple shops and restaurants at this location, including a grocery store, which makes it easy to spend your whole day here without having to leave once you arrive.
  • Entertainment options include movie theaters, arcades, and bowling alleys—theater-goers can see whatever film is playing at the moment while those interested in other forms of entertainment will find plenty to do as well!
  • With so many different stores available for you to shop at when visiting this area, there’s no need for concern about not finding anything cool enough!

Oakland Mills Village Center

Oakland Mills Village Center is located at 13401 Frederick Road in Columbia, Maryland. The mall has over 40 stores and restaurants, including Target, HomeGoods, and Ulta Beauty. Oakland Mills Village Center also has a JCPenney store as well as a Regal Cinemas movie theater with stadium seating.

The mall’s parking garage can accommodate 1,500 cars and is open 24 hours a day. There are several dozen metered spaces surrounding the mall where customers can park for free for one hour or less.

The Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks offers classes year-round at Oakland Mills Village Center’s gymnasium if that’s something that interests you.

If you’re looking for even more shopping options nearby in Columbia Town Center, we recommend checking out our guide on Restaurants!

Shopping in Howard County is a real treat, no matter where you are.

Shopping in Howard County is a real treat, no matter where you are. There’s a shopping experience for everyone here: from the urban center of Columbia to the quaint shops in Ellicott City and Elkridge, to the malls and outlet stores of Savage or California. Shopping in Howard County is a great way to spend time with family and friends. It’s also a great way to relax after work or school by treating yourself—and what better place than someplace as wonderful as Howard County? Or maybe it’s just getting out of the house!


We hope you enjoyed reading about the best shopping in Howard County. Be sure to check out our guide to other nearby areas too!

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