Layered Kitchen Cabinets and Color Matching

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Introducing a layered cabinet to your kitchen can change its look entirely. Whether you are updating an old cabinet or adding a new one, color matching is key to keeping your kitchen looking cohesive and pleasing to the eye. With so many cabinets to choose from in various shapes, sizes, and colors, it can be hard to find that perfect match. You’ll have to take the time to carefully examine the other parts of your kitchen. For instance, what’s the backsplash? What colors are featured in it? Are there any patterns? What material is the countertop made out of? All these things should be considered when picking out which cabinet will complement this area best.

Choose Colors That Compliment Each Other

Color choice can mean the difference between cabinets that look like they were made to go together, and ones that look like they were just added in as an afterthought. Layered cabinets can come in a huge variety of colors; from bright reds, blues, oranges, pinks, yellows, purples to more common browns and blacks. Choosing the wrong color won’t necessarily make them look bad but it’s best not to complicate things. For example, if you have plain white cabinets with dark countertops and backsplashes then adding colored cabinets will only make these items stand out more. It’ll be hard for people to ignore how much they clash with each other.

If you’re finding it difficult to visualize how good a color will play with another, color samples are a great investment. You can buy them from most home improvement stores and they’re basically chips cut from paint swatches of various colors. Simply hold the color samples up to your kitchen items and see which look best together. This is a simple way to narrow down your choices before making a final purchase/design decision on a layered cabinet.

Use Light and Dark Colors to Create Depth

“Depth” is all about the gradation of color, with light colors making an area appear closer and dark colors making it appear far away. This can be used to create depth in layered cabinets by choosing tones that are next to each other on the color wheel. Let’s say you have a white kitchen with dark gray countertops and backsplashes; using medium gray on your cabinets will help them blend into the background while giving your space more depth.

You can also employ depth by painting the backs of your cabinets a lighter color than the fronts. This is known as “reverse painting” and is ideal for kitchens with dark countertops because it creates more visual interest. You can create this look in any kitchen with lighter colored countertops by choosing cabinets with thicker details (carvings, raised panels, etc.) on their fronts.

Be Aware of Patterns

If you have plain cabinets then adding patterned ones will be fine but if your existing cabinet has small or large patterns then matching them becomes more difficult. If your material is wood then layering multiple wood finishes is one way to go (and there are many layered options that do just that). Another option is to layer different materials like glass, metal or another smooth material. If your cabinet has a complicated pattern it’s best to try and match the tones in the pattern rather than the graphic shapes themselves. For example, if your cabinet has a graphic floral pattern of bold reds and pinks then paint the new cabinets with tones of these colors rather than following the exact shapes.

Add a Pop of Color for Interest

If you want to add an accent of color to your layered cabinet and don’t want it to stand out too much, just choose a drawer front. This is similar to the idea of painting an island or backsplash in a different color than your cabinets but on a smaller scale. Cabinets usually have more drawers than islands and backsplashes so this is a versatile way to add some pizzazz without disrupting the feel of your kitchen.

Another way to add interest to your layered cabinet is by choosing knobs or pulls that are a different color than the rest of your kitchen. This gives you the option to switch things up every once in a while without having to invest too much time, effort, or money.

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