6 Modern Fireplace Designs You Should Consider

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting next to a crackling fire on an October evening, then you know just how wonderful it can be to have a fireplace in your home. Unfortunately, traditional fireplaces are bulky, take up a lot of space, and can be messy. But, that isn’t the only option! Modern fireplace designs have used new technology to create simple, sleek, and easy-to-use methods to give homeowners the option of having a fireplace without the mess. Here we’ll explore the different fuel options for modern fireplaces that should spark inspiration!

Fuel Options for Modern Fireplaces

Before deciding which fuel option is right for you, take a moment to consider how you’ll be using the fireplace. Will it be for aesthetic purposes only, or will you heat the room? Do you already have gas lines to your home, or would you have to run new pipes? The answers to these questions will help you narrow down the options. 

Wood Burning Fireplaces

The classic wood-burning fireplace creates a lot of heat that can warm a room and even a whole house depending on size and ventilation. Of course, these need proper pipes and chimneys to direct the smoke, and wood-burning fireplaces need wood. So you’ll need to have a wood pile outside your home that you’ll then carry inside to feed the fire. This can be cumbersome and messy, which is why some homeowners opt for other options on this list. 

Natural Gas and Propane Fireplaces

Natural gas and propane are ideal for those still looking to warm their home with a fire but don’t want to deal with wood. If you already have gas lines for a stove or oven, this is a great option, but if you don’t, it could be expensive to add it. Alternatively, you could have propane tanks added to your home to use for your fireplace. Like a furnace, a gas or propane fireplace burns the fuel to create flame and heat. You won’t get the smake crackling sounds of a wood-burning fireplace, but the flames are still pretty to look at and create a comforting warm glow. 

Electric Fireplaces

If you’re not interested in heating your home with a fireplace but want the aesthetic of a fire, then electricity might be the best option for you. It’s the most cost-effective option on this list and the cleanest and low maintenance. These can also be put in without worrying about fumes and chimneys, so you can put them virtually anywhere! 

A Few Modern Fireplace Designs for Inspiration

No matter the fuel option, designing a modern fireplace can be tricky. If you’re not sure what style you’re looking for, here are a few examples of modern fireplace designs that should be able to spark some inspiration. 

Neutral Sleek and Modern

This space is inviting with its browns and blacks and leather couches. The fireplace is thin and adds the perfect amount of ambiance to the room. 

Modern Cozy Cabin Vibes

If you have fond memories of visiting a cabin for vacations, you might like this modern cabin fireplace with a warm wood fireplace surround. The detailing around the fireplace window is elegant but simple. 

Simple Concrete Two-Way Fireplace

There are two ways to enjoy this simple concrete fireplace. While traditionally you could only see the fireplace from one side, now you can enjoy its alluring flames from both sides. 

Three-Sided Modern Fireplace

Two-sided fireplaces are nice, but three-sided fireplaces are even better. This fireplace is perfect for separating spaces while still enjoying the fire on both sides and even as you walk around it. 

Sleek Masculine Aesthetic

Another modern cabin vibe, this fireplace is simple, but the firewood storage display brings a hint of nature without making the space feel too cluttered. 

Comforting Bathroom Fireplace

Combine the comforting feeling of a hot bath with the calming effects of a fire, and you get the perfect bathroom setup. A fireplace in the bathroom is a luxury we can only hope to have in our own homes one day.

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