6 Exciting and New Renovation Trends You Can’t Miss for 2023

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Every year there are new trends to keep up with in fashion, cars, TV, and even home remodeling. Deciding which trends to follow comes down to your personal style and preference. While all of these are fantastic ideas, not all of them are suitable or desirable to all homeowners. Use these trends as inspiration for your next renovation project, and maybe you’ll find an idea you can’t pass up!

Bathrooms with Spa Features

Over the last few years, it has become very important to our clients and people worldwide to improve their homes and create a space they love spending time in. Although certain aspects of the world have gone away, this trend is here to stay. Everyone loves to take a hot shower after a long stressful day at work, but now it’s even more popular to enhance the bathroom with spa features such as body sprayers, towel warmers, heated floors, and even a steam room. These bring the spa experience to your home, so you don’t have to spend a fortune at the salon, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. 

Wallpaper is Back!

Suggesting wallpaper to a designer several years ago would have gotten you some weird looks, but recently wallpaper is coming back in style. There are more modern patterns to suit contemporary tastes and elegant and intricate designs for those who love antique looks. There are wallpaper options for everyone, and they come in any color you can think of. One of the more popular ways to use wallpaper is in a small half bath. It’s a wow factor that works perfectly with the smaller space. 

Expansive Windows

Being locked inside for two years means we were all craving a bit of nature. Even those who don’t consider themselves outdoorsy were missing it. Large windows in the home are a fantastic way to bring nature indoors. Not only can light filter in, but also the air, sounds, and views. Sheer curtains can bring privacy while still allowing light in, and all those new houseplants everyone bought in quarantine will love all the sunshine. 

Islands for Busy Families

The kitchen island has been a desirable feature for years. However, adding more multifunctional options to the island has recently become increasingly popular. A kitchen island is now a place where the family gathers while someone cooks, kids do homework, and everyone eats a snack or other quick meals. It’s also where friends stand while enjoying a dinner party, and appetizers can be served while dinner is finishing up. There are endless ways to use a kitchen island, and adding outlets, chairs, cooktops, and more can make it even more helpful. 


During snowy winters or wet springs, we bring in a lot of dirt into our homes. A mudroom is a perfect space to take off coats, store boots, and wipe the dog’s paws to keep the rest of the house clean. Mudrooms are multifunctional and offer fantastic opportunities for storage and even laundry. With enough space, you can put in a dog bath, coat racks, or cleaning supplies. Ensure that the flooring of a mudroom is stain proof and durable and you have the ideal space for entering your home without worrying about leaving muddy tracks on your beautiful hardwood floors. 

Hidden Storage

Storage of all kids is always desirable in homes and renovations. A client has never said, “That’s too much storage!” Especially in the kitchen and bathroom where most of a home’s items are used. Kitchens are utilizing appliance garages and pantries. While, bathrooms are expanding to include linen closets and storage for extra soap and toilet paper. Many personalizations can be made when designing kitchen cabinets, and finding the options that best suit your lifestyle is one of the many ways kitchens are getting upgraded. 


Even though these are trends, it doesn’t mean you have to use them when renovating your home. Instead, use the ones that suit your family and home and change them as needed to fit your needs better. The best trend we see within home renovation projects is homeowners no longer being afraid to do what they want within their homes and not worrying about what future buyers might think.

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