Organizing a Maryland or Washington DC Home Renovation

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Renovating and remodeling a home is an arduous task, and it can often seem stressful. When everything turns chaotic, it can lead to misunderstandings or a failure to communicate. If information isn’t being shared, there is a higher chance that you will spend more time and money on your project than you had planned. If the project deteriorates badly enough, you may even wind up with a result you dislike. It doesn’t help if you’re stuck dealing with an unfriendly construction firm or one that won’t listen to you. It’s important to feel connected with everyone involved in your project.

Fortunately, Winthorpe Design & Build has friendly and professional staff whose goal is to make your home renovation as painless as possible. Professional planning and clear, open communication have always been points of pride for us. Recently we have added new ways for you to communicate with us virtually. You can even get an online consultation to get your project started. We understand the importance of doing a job right, and our mission is to do just that. We want you to be happy with your home. 

Tips for Staying Organized

Often when getting a home renovation, you’ll need to pack up at least one room. Here are some tips for staying organized while packing, as well as during the renovation itself.

Have a System

The number one key to staying organized is having a system. If you’re organizing items while packing or filing information for the renovation team, things will get lost if you don’t have a good system. You can sort by room, importance, size, or even color. It doesn’t matter as long as it works as a way to help you remember where things are.

Know What You Need

When planning a renovation, have an idea of what you’ll be using the space for. This will come in handy during the design phase. Nobody renovates without a reason. It’s easy to get so caught up in all of the details that you forget the bigger picture. Don’t let yourself forget the purpose of the renovation and what your space was missing.

Try to Stay Objective

Sometimes the things we want aren’t always practical. Something the designer brings up may appeal to you, but think about how it fits in with your list of things you need from the renovation. For example, a kitchen island may look wonderful, but if the point of the renovation was to make the room more spacious, that would be counterproductive.

Be Efficient

Keep things that you’ll be using frequently during the renovation nearby and easy to get to. When packing, don’t throw all of the heavy things in one box. Try to use storage containers that move around easily so that you don’t stress your back.

Factor in Your Day-To-Day Schedule

Home remodelings (and construction in general) tend to be messy, and it’s going to disrupt your schedule at least a little, no matter how good the construction team is. Think about your daily schedule ahead of time and move things to a place where all of the construction won’t be in your way.

Label Everything

Much like having a system, having your items and files labeled is a crucial part of staying organized. If you have a nice, neat system but forget to label the boxes, folders, or whatever else you’re using, then you won’t know where to find all of your neatly organized items.

Make Space

While the construction teams are working on a space in your house, you won’t be able to use that space. Because of this, it is important to make sure the other rooms in your house can hold your packaged and needed items. Consider renting temporary storage space to clear out a spare room or garage, leaving you more room to work with.

Keep Track of Important Items

It’s easy to get a bit overzealous when packing. During the sorting phase, take a step back and think about any of the items you will need to use again before the renovations are complete. Make sure they are located somewhere easily accessible.

Why Winthorpe Design & Build is Right for You

Winthorpe Design & Build is a build-buy firm. Our headquarters are located in Highland, Maryland and we have been serving the people of Maryland and Washington D.C. for 3 decades. We have enough first-hand experience to know that a project done right the first time saves everyone time, money, and effort. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate in a clear, friendly manner and formulate professional plans prior to construction that will help you stay organized.

Our building and remodeling processes have never been complicated, but they just got easier with the addition of virtual communication and online consultations. Now you can get the information you need from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Visit our official Winthorpe Design & Build website to find out more.

Contact us at:

301-854-2092 (our office number)


202-600-2515 (our metro number)

We look forward to doing business with you!

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