Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets

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When designing your kitchen, it can feel like you have to get every detail just right. From lighting and  flooring to fixtures and materials, every aspect is vital to the overall design. No matter how expertly you choose everything else, picking the wrong color for your kitchen cabinets can be disastrous for your decor. Don’t worry, though, because Winthorpe Design and Build is here to help! We have years of experience with design and construction, and kitchens are one of our many specialties. Here are a few favorite pieces zzzof kitchen cabinet advice we’ve collected over the years. 

Things to Consider

Cupboards and cabinets are the first things many people notice when walking into your kitchen for the first time. Getting them right is essential; first impressions are everything. Making sure they turn out exactly the way you want is a key component to achieving your dream kitchen. Cabinet color affects the room’s visual lighting, the mood it gives off, and even how spacious it seems. Still, you’re the one designing your kitchen and your preferences come first. So, do what you like best and put the opinions of others second. 

The Impact of Cabinet Colors on Kitchen Appearances

Considering the overall theme and design plans for your kitchen is vital when picking out your cabinet colors. They are, after all, one of the main visual focal points of the  room. Is important to know what look you want for your kitchen before making any decisions involving your cabinets. The color of your cabinets can either bring the  look together, or break it up entirely. Kitchen cabinets can make the aesthetic seem monotonous or lively and welcoming. The choice makes a huge impact, so plan ahead.

Dark Colors

If you’re going for a modern, minimalist approach, then darkly-colored cabinets may be the perfect accessory to complete that aesthetic. They make the room seem smaller and more cozy than other colors. You can even go for straight black — which, while harder to keep clean, gives your cabinets and surfaces a clean-cut look like no other. If you’re looking for something sleek, modern, and sophisticated, then dark cabinets are definitely the way to go. 

However, dark cabinets can seem a bit drab sometimes, especially in rooms with poor lighting. Many dark color options can suck the light out of a room, which can create a less-than-ideal effect if you’re already working with dull lighting. Dark colors can be foreboding and vaguely ominous if used in excess, which is not the ideal first impression for guests. A darker room also gives off a less welcoming feel for your guests.

Light Colors

Light colors are great for kitchens if you’re going for a rustic or contemporary design. They’re welcoming, energizing, and make people feel at home. Pure white (also called titanium white) can have many of the same effects as black cabinets, but it’s much harder to keep clean and may stain easily. If your kitchen is smaller, light colors can make it feel more open and help light flow through, especially if you’re using lighter blue shades. 

However, too many light colors in one space can make it feel underwhelming. A kitchen that doesn’t leave a lasting impression might be better than one with a vaguely ominous feel, but it’s still not ideal. Light colors are the perfect way to tie together a busy space without being overwhelming and obnoxious when used in moderation. They can also be hard to keep clean, though, and nobody wants a kitchen that always looks dirty. 

We’ve found that the best way to make your kitchen look attractive without being too dull or too in-your-face is to either use a combination of light and dark colors or opt for more neutral shades. A popular color style for modern kitchen cabinets is to use black cabinets with white trim, or vice versa, so that the two balance each other out. Using dark and light shades of the same color can have a similar visual effect. This contrast allows you to create the perfect balance and tie your design style together, thus achieving your dream kitchen. 

Winthorpe Design and Build

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