Project Summary

Location: Fulton, Maryland

Our client knew that her kitchen was outdated and she wanted to change the layout of the space. She needed someone to help place her thoughts together and to design a kitchen that would work the way she wanted it to.

She was a referral from a previous client who was happy with the projects we completed for them. She was talking about having her kitchen redone when our previous client said, “You want to  talk to Winthorpe.”

The Challenge

The kitchen was old and small and the client wanted it to feel larger. It was designed to be a place where one could cook and then just leave. The client envisioned a kitchen that was both functional and inviting – a space where she could not only cook with ease but also enjoy the company of guests.

Also, we needed to address other challenges. The window was too small and the amount of natural light coming into the kitchen was limited. In addition, she had a pantry cabinet, but not a true pantry. She needed ample storage and organization options for food, kitchen equipment, and other essentials. Moreover, there was plumbing in the ceiling. There had to be a drop ceiling that would allow easy access to the plumbing whenever necessary.

kitchen cabinet with induction cooktop

The Process

We hopped on a call with the client to discuss what she wanted and various options to consider. After the call, our team went to her house to take measurements and get a good idea of how the kitchen was. We worked closely with the client to identify the problems that needed to be addressed and to determine the best solutions. With these insights, we developed a comprehensive plan that incorporated the client’s wishes and preferences.

The Transformation

To brighten up the space, we added two windows which are larger than the existing window. The new windows make the room less confining and allow people to enjoy a glimpse of the outdoors.

We repositioned the kitchen island to allow for seating at one end, creating a comfortable space for guests to hang out while our client prepares meals and drinks.

We added two pantries between ductwork. We had to relocate the ductwork so that it runs up through the space between the pantries. The doors have frosted glass panels set in wooden frames because the client wanted the doors to look more open. We added jamb switches so that the client doesn’t have to manually switch the light on and off. Instead, the light automatically turns on when she opens the pantry door and turns off when the door closes, ensuring that the light doesn’t get left on.

The client had some wood from another room. We used the material to make panels for the ceiling. We made sure that the panels can be lifted whenever the plumbing needs to be accessed. The ceiling is made of the same material that can be found around the house, maintaining a cohesive and consistent design throughout the space.

The Details

For the flooring, we went with a tongue and groove floor. It’s made with luxury vinyl tiles, which have a nice, finished look. Spills and drops won’t be a problem because the floor is easy to clean and maintain.

The cabinets were stained to protect them from UV rays which discolor wood over time. Also, the stain helps create a consistent look by evening out the natural color variations in the wood.

The client has an induction cooktop with a downdraft range hood. We positioned it at the turn of the kitchen island, exactly as she desired. The cooktop blends in with the countertop, creating a streamlined and modern look. An overhead hood would’ve been impractical because the house has a second floor and the ceilings are low.

There was a kitchen pass through which we thought looked dated. Pass-throughs were popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s, but they’re no longer a common feature in modern kitchen designs. However, the client wanted the pass-through to stay, so we didn’t close it up.

The New Space

Initially, the client was a little worried about how things were going to turn out. We sensed that she had some trust issues when said, “I know I’m describing this to you. Is this really how it’s going to turn out?”

However, towards the end of the project, she saw all the pieces of the puzzle coming together and realized that her new kitchen was exactly what she had envisioned. She was so happy with her new kitchen that she recommended us to another client.

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