Project Summary

Location: Howard County

Our clients bought a two-story house in a secluded area. They wanted more space around them because they needed a larger home. They came to us because they wanted the existing house renovated and an addition built.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was the existing house. Our clients wanted a more modern look for the house. However, it would require us to tear the house down as many of its aspects were still traditional. Their budget did not allow for this.

The kitchen needed to be expanded so that our clients could have an island where everybody could sit around and eat. This entailed moving structural walls and beams so that some of the available space could be incorporated into one large room.

Also, the house was very cold and open. We found out that the house wasn’t well-insulated. Moreover, the HVAC system wasn’t sized properly and couldn’t handle the entire living space.

The Process

The project was divided into two phases. The first phase was doing a full-house renovation on the house and the second was building the addition. After phase one was completed and phase two was underway, our clients moved into the existing home.

Since our clients wanted a more modern look for their home, we went for a transitional style. We created a cohesive look by blending the traditional style of the house with some modern elements. 

For the addition, we mimicked the architecture and materials of the existing house. The 5,500 sq ft additional space would include an in-law suite for the wife’s mom, a four-car garage, a classroom and bedroom for their special needs daughter, two offices, and a large pantry area. Their son also wanted a multi-purpose room where they can all play instruments and watch TV or movies.

The Transformation

To achieve a transitional look, we transformed the large stone fireplace into a sleek, modern 52-inch wide, 2-foot tall fireplace, which is inserted into a wall. The wooden handrails were also taken down and replaced with cable rails. There were cleaner lines throughout the whole house, which gave it a more contemporary feel.

We overhauled the HVAC system and installed additional ductwork to allow the entire space to be heated and cooled sufficiently. The walls, the floor, and the attic area were spray-foamed to ensure that the house was well-insulated.

We also reworked the driveway in the front so that there was ample room between the existing home and the addition. We made sure that the parking pad was still there.

The Details

The living space was predominantly white, including the walls, trim, and ceiling. The vinyl flooring gives a very smooth look. There’s little trim work, but a lot of clean lines. 

The turn-back staircase that leads up to the in-law suite has treads made of natural oak, which our client wanted. Luxury vinyl tiles were used on the top, bottom, and platform of the stairs. The LVTs provide a beautiful contrast to the natural oak treads.

We knew that our clients want to be able to work without distraction and yet easily communicate with everybody in the house. They also want to be available whenever their children need them. So we placed the office in an area where they won’t be impacted by people coming and going in the house and still be in contact with family members.

The in-law suite is above the garage. It has its separate entrance and an elevator, allowing people to enter from the outside, up to the second floor where all the living spaces are. We incorporated as many elements as we could to make the house more accessible to people who may have mobility issues as they get older. 

The clients also wanted bigger walk-in closets, so we added large his-and-her closets in the master bedroom. One of the walk-in closets even has a double window, which makes it seem more of a room than a storage space.

We added a little roof over the deck, extending from the door that leads to the master bedroom. This allows our clients to sit out there and enjoy the morning breeze, rain or shine.

The New Space

The clients are happy with their new home because they got what they wanted. They’re so excited that they show people their new space. The wife even tells their guests, “Look, this is what we did…”

Overall, the house and the addition turned out better than we expected. We showed our clients opportunities to do different things with their space. However, we made sure to adhere to the clients wishes and requirements. After all, we’re all about building living spaces that our clients love.

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