Want vs. Need: Design & Décor Trends You Can Skip in 2021

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Ever looked at something and thought, “I have to have that!” There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding something that, as Marie Kondo would say, sparks joy. Whether it’s an item at the grocery store, a new article of clothing, or a piece of household décor, we’ve all had that moment where our eyes light up like a kid on Christmas. You want it… you need it.

But there are always going to be people who try to tell you what you want and need. Entire industries are developed to play on our primal urges to consume. So do you really need the thing? Or were you just told that you needed it?

Trendy or Tired?

There’s nothing wrong with investing in something that you genuinely love. A splurge every now and again is part of what makes life fun and exciting. By all means, browse the “15 Must-Have Household Staples” listicles for inspiration and fun, but don’t let the trends of the day hoodwink you into buying stuff you don’t need.

Here are a few trends that we think you can skip.

Media Rooms

About ten years ago, media rooms were all the rage. These movie theater-esque spaces were a sign of bounty and were a favorite hang-out spot for friends and family alike. Recently, though, public opinion on media rooms seems to have shifted somewhat. Sure, media rooms are great and all, but they’re a luxury that not everyone can afford. These dedicated entertainment spaces are a preference, not a necessity.

In fact, one of the biggest trends of 2021 is increasing your home’s utility through functional multipurpose spaces. That’s right: gone are the days of exclusively single-use spaces like formal dining rooms and – you guessed it – media rooms. These days, technology is more portable than ever, which means the media room is wherever your laptop, tablet, or smartphone is. It’s all too apparent that these days, media rooms are a nice-to-have rather than a must-have.

The Open-Concept Floor Plan

We’ve talked before about open-concept homes and how great they are – and they are pretty great! But are they a home must-have? Absolutely not. Open-concept isn’t to every homeowner’s taste, and we believe that what goes up must eventually come down.

The open-concept home has experienced a remarkable heyday in the last 15 years, with homeowners knocking down existing walls to create that spacious feel, and even homebuilders defaulting to open-concept layouts. But we can’t help but feel the market will eventually become oversaturated with these models, and folks will start craving the privacy of walls again.

If you love open-concept, we say go for it! But if open-concept isn’t your style, don’t listen to all the hype. You don’t need an open floor plan for your home to be desirable to potential buyers, so stick to your guns and keep your walls!

Bathroom Vanity

Not every bathroom needs a vanity. There, we said it! Vanities can be an excellent addition to any bathroom, but they’re not a household staple. If practicality is your top priority, there’s no reason to cram a bulky rectangular vanity into a petite bathroom. Especially for a smaller space, there’s nothing wrong with forgoing the vanity in favor of a floating or pedestal sink, a wall mirror, and a few well-placed shelves. This is especially true of downstairs powder rooms and kids’ bathrooms.

Marble Countertops

Yes, the marble countertop has long been considered the epitome of luxury and style in the kitchen. But if marble doesn’t speak to you, there’s no reason to buy into this particular décor trend. Marble is beautiful and classically elegant, but it’s not exactly the ideal textile for all households. It’s actually one of the more porous stones out there, which means that it’s vulnerable to stains, spills, and scratches. It also means that your marble countertop is high-maintenance and will need regular care to keep it looking good, but even then, it will show natural wear and tear as it ages.

Homeowners like marble, but do they like it enough to make it worth all the extra money and effort? We’re not convinced. Just because marble is popular doesn’t make it a must-have.

Here’s our takeaway from all this: just because others like something, that doesn’t mean that you should too. After all, it’s your home and your investment! Go with your gut and trust your head. If you’ve gone outside the box with your renovations and bucked the latest trends, we’d love to see it! Share your home improvement projects today, and let’s start the conversation!



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