What Is a Room Addition’s Cost?

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When it comes to room additions, there’s a significant variance in the average cost. The two main factors are typically the age of the home we’ll be working with and the intended use of the finished addition. Overall, though, Winthorpe Design and Build tends to charge around $200-$359 per square foot.

After that, we have to add on the prices of the fixtures, flooring, and windows. We may also have to figure in any additional costs of your roofing selections. Other factors like whether or not an HVAC system will have to be integrated or installed can also affect the overall pricing. Even the kind of finish we use on the exterior (like vinyl or stone), windows, lighting, outlets, and smart appliances or technology accommodations can have an impact. 

How Do You Estimate Building Costs?

It’s common to start with an estimate of the basic cost of the square footage, but assuming another 10%-12% of that estimate is recommended to provide a little bit of wiggle room with your style options. That’s where the first advantage of working with a design-build firm comes in. Although we recommend factoring in another 12% of the base cost, we average only 5% over our 30+ years of working as a design and build firm. Even then, that five percent typically comes from factors outside the project’s original scope. The general cost of working with WInthorpe Design & Build is significantly less substantial than it would be if you were to work with another kind of design firm. 

As an example of what we’re talking about, we did a recent project demonstrating this concept. The client we were working with had just received a two-story addition from us. Two of their specifications were for a “true master bathroom” and a bathroom off the main hallway of the original home. They also had a galley kitchen that they thought was too small, so they decided to have us expand that as well. Then they had us include a large breakfast room, a mudroom, and a kitchen that opened to the porch off the back of the house in the design for the addition. 

These additions cost vastly different prices due to a combination of three main factors: the kind of addition we were doing, the size and space it would take up, and the extra design choices they made for each room. 

What Do You Need From the Project?

When it comes to designing and building, the first step to any remodel or renovation project should always be considering exactly what it is you aim to get out of the space. What do you have to work with? What aspects are actual necessities, and which ones are just things you like the idea of including? Are you upgrading because you want to improve the effects the space has on your everyday life and that of your family? Do you need it to have a more functional layout? Or are you looking to upgrade its market resale value for a time when you decide to sell your home? 

If market value is your primary motivation for making an addition to your home, here are some basic comparisons of costs and potential monetary gains based on the size of other home additions.

A Mid-Range Master Bedroom Addition

A mid-range master bathroom addition can be a very profitable investment. The general cost of an average-sized mid-range master bedroom addition tends to be around $129,000. With this, you can typically expect to see a 61% gain on the cost.

A High-End Master Suite Addition

A high-end master suite tends to be one of the most expensive choices on this list. That being said, the average return on investment is nothing to scoff at. Usually costing around $265,000, you can generally expect to gain 50% of the money invested in this addition. 

A Mid-Range Bathroom Addition

Of the four kinds of additions listed here, the percentage of money you could potentially gain compared to the original cost is the highest, though not by much. For an average-sized mid-range bathroom costing $46,000, you can typically expect to gain an additional 62% of the original investment amount. 

A High-End or Master Bathroom Addition

Lastly, we have the high-end master bathroom addition. For an upscale, decently-sized master bathroom costing the average price of $87,000, the amount of money you’ll gain from this investment is nothing terrible. It may not be the best option, but a potential gain of 56% of the initial addition price is a fairly substantial amount. 

How Winthorpe Can Help

No matter what kind of addition you want or why you want it, you can bet on Winthorpe Design & Build to give you the highest quality design out there, and with a price so low, it’ll leave you speechless. We’ve been in this business for over three decades, and we’ve learned over time the best ways to combine the art of designing with the fulfilling task of bringing that design to life. When you work with a design-build firm that really knows their stuff, everything works better.

Contact Winthorpe Design & Build and experience our new process, which includes virtual consultation from the comfort of your home.

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