What is the Difference Between Remodeling and Renovating?

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Almost everyone has heard these terms, but what do they mean? Many people who are new to the construction industry or the world of design-build get these two terms confused. In reality, they’re two very separate processes, with two distinct purposes and often very different results. Knowing the difference can become essential when considering these options for your house. After all, how are you supposed to get your dream home if nobody shows you the possibilities and explains what you’re able to do?

Everybody needs something different because everybody has diverse needs, ideas, and budgets. Still, knowing the difference between the standard terms “renovate” and “remodel” is a good idea in general, so let’s start there. 

What is Remodeling?

Remodeling, at its core, means changing the structure or composition of something. In terms of architecture and construction, it’s more specific to changes you make to a home’s basic layout. When remodeling a house or building, you’re not just updating the style, changing the aesthetic, or adjusting similarly minor things. Instead, you’re going through a much more intensive process and changing the essential nature of your home. 

Remodeling usually involves building another room in your house, constructing an addition, tearing down or putting up walls, or opening up a ceiling. It tends to be more stressful, more expensive, and takes longer than renovation. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful process that helps bring your house much closer to becoming the home of your dreams.

What Circumstances or Conditions Call for a Remodel?

While you can certainly begin a remodel for any reason, they are often undertaken out of necessity. Since it’s a much more intensive project, remodeling revolves around changing an essential feature of the house for a specific reason, such as needing a bigger bathroom or another bedroom. Remodeling is not about repainting walls or even replacing drywall — it usually extends to the bones or structure of a home. 

One of the main reasons people choose to remodel a house (especially additions) is a change in the number of people living there. We often see remodel requests when a new person comes into the family, or a baby is on the way. They may need more room to eat, a bigger kitchen, another bathroom, or additional living space in order to compensate. 

Alternatively, some clients buy a less-than-optimal house because they don’t have the finances for what they want at the time. Then, as they save up money, they call in a remodeling team to close the gap between their current house and the home they want to live in. That’s a great way to slowly grow into your home and expand it as your budget allows instead of buying a bigger, more expensive home upfront. 

What is a Renovation?

While a renovation is similar to a remodel, a few differences set the two apart. There are some circumstances under which a renovation may be necessary, but it’s a lot more likely to be done out of preference than a remodel is. Another reason for this is that they are less expensive, less drastic, quicker, and aren’t nearly as big of a project.

A renovation, by definition, is a change made in the interest of restoring or repairing something. This definition still applies to architecture and construction, but it can also fit a broader set of changes. For example, finishing a basement, changing flooring and wall materials, and tearing down old cabinets to replace them with better ones, can all be considered a renovation. 

What Circumstances and Conditions Call for a Renovation?

You can get your home renovated for any reason you want (as you could with remodeling, though that should get a lot more thought and consideration first). There are, however, a few scenarios in which a renovation may be necessary.

For example, if the floors in your kitchen are laminate from the ’80s, it’s probably started to crack, warp, or tear. While not a huge issue in isolation, this damage can lead to further problems. Renovating the floors of your kitchen would, in that case, be somewhat necessary to prevent water and debris from affecting your sub-floor. Remodeling to match the current trends, styles, and aesthetics that appeal to the public might require updates every few years, so keep that in mind if that’s your primary motivation.

How Can I Find Someone to Help with my Renovation or Remodeling Needs?

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