Who Will Be Involved in My Home Remodel Project? The Winthorpe Team, Serving Maryland & Washington D.C.

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When Winthorpe engages in building or remodeling your home, we use a cadre of professionals to oversee every detail of your project. Our team works together to facilitate a smooth and effective project, whether it’s a custom build or a renovation. Years of working together gives us the added benefit of true synergy, so we operate like a well-oiled machine. Here are some of the folks you can expect to be working on your home, as well as the tools we use.

Project Manager

Every project has a project manager that’s assigned to supervise that job, and who is involved with it every day from start to finish. They spend time on the job site, keeping an eye on progress and quality control, as well as coordinating the subcontractors. She or he is the go-to person for updates, concerns, questions, and requests.

In-Office Project Manager

We have in-office team members dedicated to guiding you on your material selections, finishes, and cost estimating related to your home project. They coordinate directly with the project manager supervising your build so you don’t have to.

who is going to be on the jobSub-contractors

Winthorpe contracts with a well-vetted, trustworthy array of sub-contractors for each project. From plumbers to electricians to smart-home technicians, we’ve got wonderful professionals on hand for every aspect of construction and installation.  All of our sub-contractors have good relationships with us and are well versed in communication channels with our project managers.


Winthorpe uses a software application called Buildertrend to manage projects. It’s a user-friendly platform that not only allows us to track the business side of a construction project (bids, billing, document storage), but it also helps you, our client. It facilitates communication between you, the project manager, and the sub-contractors, so everyone is in the proper loop in real time, whether by email or text. If you find a photo online of something you’d like to see on your project, simply upload it from your phone or tablet and all pertinent parties are notified. You can communicate with us, we can communicate with you, and all those details are captured in the system for reference.

With Buildertrend, every morning everyone sees what needs to be addressed for the day. You can log in to see where we are on the schedule, how it may have evolved, and what selections need to be made and by what date. The transparency Buildertrend provides not only ensures that all team members have instantaneous 24/7 access to the project details, but it provides you with peace of mind as well, as you never have to wonder what’s happening.

We hold weekly or biweekly meetings, depending on the size of the project, its location, and what phase the project’s in. Sometimes meetings are held on the job site or in the office, or, when necessary, can be conducted via Skype or other streaming video service.

who is going to be on the jobPinterest and Houzz – Mood Boards

A tool you may find useful for planning a new home or a remodel (if you don’t already utilize one) is a mood board. By gathering images of colors, rooms, furniture and other idea sources and storing them on an online platform like Houzz.com or Pinterest.com, you can share your overall aesthetic goal with us. It’s an excellent reference for us, and a fun way for you to keep track of your ideas. You might even find someone else has already created an entire mood board that suits your purpose and can borrow from their publicly shared post.

Whether you use Pinterest, Houzz, or are already on board with Buildertrend, if you visit a tile shop, you can take a photo of what you like with your cellphone and instantly upload your inspiration for us to see, along with your message, such as, “Just saw this blue tile, what do you think about using it for the kitchen backsplash?”

These tools, used in conjunction with our expert staff, streamline your project and make it a snap to check in and communicate with us, whether you’re at work or traveling. With such solid structures and networks in place, you can be as involved as your time allows, or less involved, and still feel assured that we’re taking care of you and your home.

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