9 Ways to Prepare Your Montgomery Home for Winter

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9 Ways to Prepare Your Montgomery Home for Winter

There is no place like home. Your home can be enemies with a lot of things. One of the harshest enemies your home can face is one season. Winter. Are you ready for it? Maybe you are, or maybe you may need improvements on how to prepare your home.

Winter, the harshest season of the year. Having your home trashed just by the winter season can be problematic. With these few tips, we can help you secure the safety of your home.

Hope you can find these tips useful as you prepare your home for the upcoming winter.

1. Clean Your Gutters.

Any season is the season to clean your gutters. However, in the winter period, it is the most critical time to have a clean gutter.

Having a clogged gutter may burden your gutters and your roof from snow-carrying and ripping them off your house. Be sure to have a clean gutter to help maintain the top parts of your housing.

2. Seal your windows and doors.

Windows and doors are the biggest losers regarding heat loss, especially if they’re older. While replacing old windows with new double-paned ones is a great idea, it may not be within budget.

Instead, try a caulking gun and caulk. If you caulk completely around the outer window frame and maybe even the outside of the window, you may be pleasantly surprised at how well it keeps the hot air in and the cool air out. A caulk gun and exterior caulk are relatively inexpensive, and you can usually complete the task in a matter of hours considering if you just have a standard 2-story house.

One of the things that you do not want is the heat from escaping your home. You better get proper sealing.

3. Maintain your heating systems.

Make sure that your heating system is in good shape that needs little to no maintenance during the winter. The last thing you want in the winter is to freeze during the night. That is a bad way to spend the night after a tiring day.

4. Drain fuel from engines that are not in use.

If you have lawn mowers and other sorts of mechanical devices that usually use fuel and you may not use them, for instance, a lawn mower, drain the fuel from these engines as the fuel may decompose easily and become sticky. If not, you will have a harder time restoring these machines as repairing them would be one big hassle.

5. Get your roof inspected.

Winter storms, heavy rain, hail, and generally any bad weather can cause some great damage to your roof. The worst case that could happen is that a packed snow’s weight can break your roof.

6. Invest in a programmable thermostat

Investing in a thermostat can be a big player when it comes to regulating the temperature in your home. Better yet if that thermostat is programmable, you can save a lot of heating costs by automating the temperature control that you have.

7. Keep stock of food.

Usually, in the winter, there are strong blizzards. One bad problem that is gonna mess with you is a food shortage during a blizzard.

Be sure that you have a good amount of reserves as you don’t want to drive out in the snow just to get food for yourself or your family. A great option to keep stock of is non-perishable foods such as canned goods and noodles as these food items are the ones that last the longest.

8. Stay updated on the weather.

As mentioned earlier, blizzards happen during the winter. During these times please be aware and alert as bad weather can mess up your plans especially if you are not aware. 

9. Make sure that you have insurance.

Preparing for the worst case is always a good idea. Having coverage when something breaks around your house is a great thing to happen.



Keeping your home safe during winter is a necessity. With our list of tips, you can now prepare your Montgomery home for winter. Clean your gutters and make sure everything is ready for the cold season. Get in touch with local roofing specialists to have your roof inspected and serviced in case of damage. For additional insulation, cover leaky windows and doors to ensure heating efficiency. Maintain your HVAC systems by draining fuel from engines that are not in use which could lead to potential hazards over time. Invest in a programmable thermostat so as to save money while saving energy while keeping yourself cozy. Lastly, keep some rations of food stocked just in case of any emergency or power outages due to the weather conditions. So don’t wait until the last minute and spot any problems early on. Get in touch with your local home builders such as Winthorpe Design and Build – to get your home prepared for winter!

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