Architecture With Interior Design in Maryland and Washington, DC

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Architecture and interior design are two distinct disciplines that go hand-in-hand. In the effort to deliver a cohesive and timely result, each depends on the other to ensure you get a result you’re going to love. 

Even though architecture and interior design are applied at different times during the build, we like to address all the relevant details early in the planning stages. To facilitate this, we bring all the stakeholders together to plan, discuss, and solve problems before the job gets underway. This way, we can streamline the workflow, ensuring a seamless build, right through to the moment you move into your newly renovated or custom-built home.

Architecture And Interior Design: What’s The Difference?

There are several critical differences between architecture and interior design, but both are core aspects of the design-build process. 

Though the architect and interior designer don’t generally work on the project at the same time, they have collaborated on common goals early in the process. Decisions are then made based on those conversations. 

The earlier these two professionals can come together during the planning stages, the more cohesive the end result is going to be. Some of the things they collaborate on are materials, design, and layout, although each has a distinct approach of their own. 

For example, the architect oversees the bigger picture. He or she is all about the structural issues, permitting, and making sure everything is up to code. Interior layouts, materials used on the exterior, where the doors, windows, and stairways will go, and how the home performs in terms of energy consumption – these are all in the architect’s wheelhouse. 

An interior designer is responsible for how the home is going to look at the end of the job. Hardware, fixtures, flooring material, window treatments, finishes, furniture, and other design concepts – these are all the interior designer’s responsibility.

Collaboration Brings The Best Results

architecture with interior designWe always aim to create a harmonious workflow from start to finish. In areas where architecture and interior design overlap, there are a lot of collaborative decisions that will need to be made. Some of these aspects include basic floorplans, material selections, paint colors, flooring, tile, trim, and so on. 

Generally, the architect’s work is done early in the build. Not having them on-site through the rest of the build helps us keep the budget in line. But, if we run into any issues along the way, they are always ready to help. 

On the same tack, the interior designer always benefits from having an architectural design in place before their work on the interior begins. They are brought into the conversation early in the process so that they can gain a better understanding of the project from an architectural point of view. This helps them approach their task with the big picture in mind, ensuring a positive outcome for everybody.

Design-Build: On Time, On Budget

The benefit of the design-build process is that every stakeholder is connected to what the others are doing, right from the very start. This means that if there are issues to be raised, they are brought to the table very early in the game. 

Knowing what needs to be done at each phase of the build helps us keep the flow of work moving along our planned timelines. It also reduces costs due to change orders. In the end, there are very few surprises that we will have to address.

Minimizing Cost, Maximizing Value

The specialists and artisans we work with are scheduled with a focus on minimizing cost and maximizing value. This includes every person that we bring in to work on your build, from the architect to the plumbers, electricians, flooring installers, and cabinet makers, all the way to the interior designers. 

We have built a reputation that is based on trust and will never compromise or cut corners in any way. In much the same way that we bring all of our subcontractors to the table before we begin, you are also part of the conversation from the beginning. After all, it’s your home. That makes you the most important part of what we do. 

Ultimately, the goal is to finish the job within the agreed-upon timeline with a minimum of stress along the way. This, combined with our excellent communication and our ability to manage your budget efficiently, is what ensures your complete satisfaction with your renovation or new home build. 

Are you thinking about a whole-house renovation for your Maryland or Washington, DC, home? We’d love to show you how we can help. Reach out today to learn more. 

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