Making a Home Office for Your Maryland or Washington DC Home

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Having a home office has always been beneficial. Now that 2020 has made working from home more commonplace, some people have decided to make that change permanent. Creating a home office is more necessary now than ever before. Many decisions go into creating a home office, but where should you start?

Remodel or Add-On?

Knowing exactly what you want is the first step to any home project. Remodeling an existing room into a home office is less expensive than adding on and often takes less time (depending on the size of the project). If you don’t have any extra space, creating an addition may be a wise investment for your work-from-home career. 


The main drawback of remodeling is that you have to start with a spare room. Many people already put all the rooms in their house to good use, which means that some rearranging might be in order.

Be aware that remodeling can generate a lot of mess sometimes, especially when you require some demolition. The demolition and construction processes sometimes interrupt your day-to-day life, despite the design-build firm’s best efforts, so be prepared to accommodate them.

Still, remodeling is often quicker and cheaper than building an addition. Be aware, however, that remodeling a room built by a different (perhaps less experienced) firm can meet unexpected hurdles. For example, if the plumbing wasn’t completed according to the usual standards, it may be in the way of something we need to add or remove. Similarly, the new design-build team may discover a support beam that prevents them from removing a wall. 

One remodeling option Winthorpe Design & Build offers is finishing your basement, which would be a cool, quiet, and distraction-free place to put a home office.

Adding On

Adding on is often more expensive and time-consuming than remodeling, but can be a lifesaver if you’re already short on space. You need enough land and suitable terrain to build an addition, which can limit your options. Some people don’t have yard space, or their house might be too close to a neighbor’s building. This issue presents a real problem when considering building an add-on.

Choosing to build an add-on over remodeling can have substantial benefits despite any possible difficulties. A new addition means a blank canvas for you to design, decorate, and furnish however you like. It means a whole new opportunity to express yourself. Even better, it adds market value to your home if you ever decide to sell it.

While most people jump right in and hire an architect to design their addition, independent architects are seldom necessary or helpful in these cases. First, architects’ time is expensive, and far too often, I’ve seen them draw up plans that cost you more than you want to spend. 

Don’t let that steer you away from building your perfect home office, though. Instead, consider a design-build firm like Winthorpe Design & Build. Throughout the entire construction process, we will be here for you, from designing and revising your plans to presenting you with an office-ready room. Not only does that save you the cost of hiring an architect, but we also have the first-hand knowledge needed to ensure our designs are always practical.

How Do I Find the Right Design-Build Firm?

Getting construction work on your home can be a stressful process. The last thing you need is worrying about the firm you hire being trustworthy or having experience. Some companies may take shortcuts to “get the job done faster and save you money.” In reality, taking shortcuts creates hidden issues and sets you up for repairs and renovations down the road.

Are There Any Design-Build Firms Near Maryland?

If you live in the Maryland or D.C. area, Winthorpe Design & Build is the perfect firm for you. From our headquarters in Highland, we’ve been serving the people of Maryland for 30 years. We’ve seen it all, and there’s nothing we can’t build, or design, for you! Our process is simple, and we even offer virtual online communication options, so that you can get a consultation from the safety of your home.

You need a design-build firm with decades of experience and first-hand knowledge about how construction works. You need a team of professional, friendly contractors who care about your happiness and satisfaction. You need Winthorpe Design & Build. We are committed to our clients and ensuring that they have an enjoyable design and build experience.

Still not sure? Check out some of our past projects and our award-winning Maryland and D.C. architectural designers. Or, if it’s the inspiration you need, feel free to browse our broad array of design blogs.

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