Maryland Fall Color Guide

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Fall has arrived! For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year—there’s a little chill in the air, the leaves are changing color, and it’s the perfect season for hot beverages. So with the beautiful autumn foliage finally making its long-awaited appearance, why not take a little inspiration from nature? 

At Winthorpe, we think this is the perfect opportunity to take a cue from the hues of fall and incorporate it into home decorating.

The Science of Color

Image credits: Pixabay

Image credits: Pixabay

During the transition from summer to fall, most deciduous trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter. These leaves are bright green and full of chlorophyll in the warmer months, serving as food production factories for their host trees. The chemical chlorophyll gives the leaves their verdant coloring, while also helping to absorb plenty of sunlight. In turn, this sunlight provides the energy that allows the tree to transform carbon dioxide and water into nutritious carbohydrates.

When spring and summer are over, it’s time for the factories to shut down. The change in temperature and sunlight availability means that the leaves are no longer necessary, and the chlorophyll starts to disintegrate. But when fall arrives in all its glory and the green from the chlorophyll begins to drain away, that’s when we get to see the lovely bright yellows and oranges. 

Even though the leaves are dominantly green during the hot months, there are, in fact, other color pigments hiding beneath the surface. Yellows and oranges created by the carotene and xanthophyll pigments are present alongside the green. Other chemical changes can occur as well, which is when we get to see the splendid red leaves, caused by the development of anthocyanin pigments. 

Showing out in firetruck reds, gorgeous maroons, sunny yellows, and carroty oranges, the leaves put on quite a display, one that Northerners celebrate and Southerners admire from afar. 

Dressed for the Season

Because Maryland is one of America’s most northerly states, we get the privilege of reveling in the beauty of the changing seasons. And when the leaves start to change, so do our moods. It feels as though we all start craving warm socks, cozy fires, foamy lattes, and tiny, decorative gourds. What can we say? It’s fall!

According to the Smoky Mountain Foliage Predictor, your best shot of seeing Maryland’s fully-fledged autumnal leaves is in mid-to-late October. And with that time soon upon us, we may as well start adapting our décor to match the season, too.

Front Porch Decor

Photo by Evin Photography

Photo by Evin Photography

Yes, it’s a little on the nose, but there’s no denying that pumpkins, gourds, corncobs, and hay bales are super cute and seasonal. If farm-fare just isn’t your style, why not try something a little more subtle? Fill up a planter tub with seasonally-appropriate flowers like dahlias, chrysanthemums, strawflowers, or phlox in autumnal hues. You can find planters in metal tones, or even woven wicker patterns—another adorable trend for the cooler months.

To give your front porch that extra little bit of shoulder-season warmth, add a cute doormat to show visitors that they are always welcome. Need more? Maybe a fall wreath will strike your fancy. Not only is this a cozy confection for your front porch, but it can also be a great craft for the whole family! Plus, it’s an ideal way to utilize the fallen leaves that you find in your yard. 

Lighting it Up

Image from

Image from

Nothing says ‘fall’ quite like the warm, rosy glow of a fire. Of course, this isn’t always possible on your front porch, but you can adapt it with stylish lanterns. You can buy lantern models that use real flame, or ones that only mimic it, but either option is a great way to illuminate your porch on fall evenings. Dress it up even more with lanterns that feature copper or brushed bronze frames. These brown hues possess both the hardness of metal and the richness of the autumn colors we love.

Color it Up

Image from

Image from

We adore the changing colors of the leaves, so why not show off your appreciation with a fresh coat of paint on your front door? If you’re worried that pumpkin-orange might not translate well in the off months, try something a little more friendly for all seasons, like a warm red, buttery yellow, or even an olive green.

If you’ve fallen for autumnal décor, Winthorpe Design & Build is ready to help you dress your home for the season. Connect with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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