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Everyone has a different working style that helps them achieve ultimate productivity. Shouldn’t you have a stylish office to match?

Whether your look is fun and funky, sleek and subdued, or classical and elegant, we’ve got style tips to bring personality into your workspace. But first, let’s look at a few features that are vital for any home office, regardless of your aesthetic leanings.

Let There Be Light

Your home office, without a doubt, needs proper lighting. Natural lighting is preferred for any office; in fact, studies show that natural light improves productivity and health, in general. Good lighting reduces vision problems, prevents headaches, and helps you sleep better. You’ll be more alert, engaged, and enjoy sustained energy levels, ensuring your time in the office is well-spent. 

winthorpe design build home office styleStorage Wars

Any home office needs plenty of storage. The style of your storage, however, is up to you. Floating shelves, shelving units, and custom built-ins are all excellent options for stowing your office belongings. Individual cubbies are perfect for organizing and separating your goods. And let’s not forget storage bins, baskets, and various desktop organizational tools.

Retro Chic

Retro style is all about reinventing the past. But just because you take inspiration from years gone by doesn’t mean your office has to look outdated. Fortunately, there are plenty of different eras to borrow from. Here are just two examples.

Nothing screams retro quite like a wooden rolltop desk. Pair that with a vintage rug and an antique-style standing lamp for a classic vintage style.

For a retro pop art aesthetic, it’s all about the unique and eclectic. Choose bold colors and mix materials like plastic, metal, and glass for a look that’s sure to spark your creativity any time of day.

winthorpe design build home office styleCEO Elegance

The offices of CEOs and other high-powered executives are known for being solid and imposing. You’ll see large desks, often made of dark wood. You’ll also notice a lot of luxe, natural materials like stone, leather, metal, and glass. These kinds of hefty materials convey a sense of power, grounded in stability, which can make you feel powerful too. 

For you, this might mean a neutral color palette on the walls paired with saturated hues and darker tones throughout the rest of the room. These timeless, elegant offices are richly furnished, and usually feature lots of warm lighting, complemented by gold accents. A small, delicate chandelier is a brilliant finishing touch. 

The Tech Wizard

Looking for something super sleek and high-tech that matches your savvy business acumen? Look no further than this chic, minimal aesthetic. This look prioritizes innovation, functionality, and modernity. It’s instantly recognizable by its stark visual appeal and high-gloss polish.

This look has a lot to do with the interplay of light and reflective surfaces. You’ll see it a lot in newer high-rise buildings with a lot of glass, both on its inner and outer walls. However, you can mimic the look at home with pot lights set right into your ceiling. Use levels to create a dynamic lighting scheme by adding hanging fixtures, and maybe toe lights if you’re feeling ambitious.

Accent it with a glass-topped desk, and sleek black leather chairs. The high-tech look has an affinity for mixing straight and curved lines, so don’t be afraid to play around with shapes!

winthorpe design build home office styleCozy Cottage

When creating an office space for yourself, it should be somewhere that you feel comfortable. If you feel at ease, you’ll be more readily able to focus, and you can channel all your energy into your work. Maybe you’re the kind of person that wants a space that inspires them creatively. If so, a cottage-style office may be just the thing.

For a bright, clean look, opt for white walls or a light neutral. White-painted shiplap is a great option to give your walls a little bit of texture and visual interest. For window treatments, light, semi-opaque fabric drapes, linen blinds, or California shutters all do nicely.

Pair this with sweet and simple wooden furniture, wicker and/or fabric accessories, and a splash of color here and there. A hint of flowery pastels wouldn’t look out of place, and plants, whether fresh or dried, always help to liven up a space.

No matter your style or preference, Winthorpe helps you get the job done. We’ve been building a legacy in Maryland and Washington, DC, for more than 20 years, and we love nothing more than bringing your ideas to life. When you’re ready to reimagine your home office, we’re here to help. Reach out today, and let’s talk about it.

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