Patio Party: How to Dress Up Your Backyard for Summer

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There is truly nothing better than summer evenings spent on the patio, surrounded by dear friends. A warm summer breeze, the sound of music, chatter, and laughter, sipping cool drinks late into the night. It’s the perfect mid-summer get together. 

There’s just a minor snag. Your outdoor area could use a little bit of freshening up. Whether your landscaping needs a little TLC or whether you’re just ready for a new look, Winthorpe Design & Build is here to help. 

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the perfect outdoor space. You just need one that speaks to you. So whether you’re after a major change or a minor tweak, here are some fresh ideas to inspire and pique your creativity. Let’s get looking!

From the Ground Up

Is your concrete looking a little dingy? Your once clean and classic surface may now be a little worse for wear, but you can give it a much-needed update. There’s no need to start from scratch if you have a solid foundation.

For an affordable DIY project, dress your patio up with a concrete resurface. Start by filling any cracks, then give it a thorough power wash. A clean surface helps the finish stick better. You’ll then grind it down, apply your new topcoat, and seal for best results. If you want to jazz it up further, you can even choose colors and patterns. Go wild!

If you’re after something completely different and have a little flex in your budget, you could lay pavers or flagstones right on top of the concrete, provided it’s solid and leveled. 

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, there’s a simple solution: throw down a funky area rug! Not only will this cover your surface’s sins, but it’s also cozy on the toes. Plus, it can be easily vacuumed or stowed away over the winter. You can go as bold or as subtle as you like, and there’s no commitment if you ever want to change it.

winthorpe remodeling from patio to entertainment areaBackyard Furniture

If you have serviceable wooden furniture that isn’t tickling your stylistic fancy, a quick coat of paint goes a long way. Wooden patio furniture in dark navy looks amazing with a lighter-colored wooden deck, and they pair wonderfully with white cushions and other assorted accent décor.

Wicker seating is another classic choice for your outdoor space. It’s durable, fashionable, and darker colors are a great way to make an elegant statement. 

If you have an outdoor dining area, you might want to invest in a long table that will allow you to pull up extra chairs. In the summer, people tend to drop by! Make sure to accentuate with seats for lounging, coffee tables, side tables, and other furnishings to suit your needs.

Light the Way

Nothing sets the mood outdoors like the right illumination. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, there are tons of different lighting options that will naturally enhance your area. For accents and flourishes, try tiki torches, lanterns, and candles. Strings of lights can enhance any space, from rows of industrial-chic Edison bulbs to dainty, romantic fairy lights. Try various combinations to see what works best for you.

winthorpe remodeling from patio to entertainment areaThrowing Shade

If you’re going to be hanging out in the sun, make sure you have some kind of coverage. Whether that’s an umbrella, a shade sail, a pergola, or a lattice covered in lush greenery, you’ll need some form of protection from the worst of the mid-summer sun. 

Bugging Out

Look out for pests! You can keep bugs at bay with citronella torches, insect lanterns, and mosquito nets. Other tips and tricks include landscaping with plants that bugs hate, like citrus, citronella (it’s a plant!), and mint, which are lovely for humans. Other ways to shake bugs off include using light paint colors, and building a bat house (bats eat mosquitoes!) 

winthorpe remodeling from patio to entertainment areaSpecial Features

Is your entertainment area missing a bit of pizzazz? Go that extra mile with a water or fire feature.

Fire pits come in all different sizes and styles and can be both fashionable and functional. You can even get eye-catching vertical propane heaters. If you want that special touch in your backyard, you’re sure to find something that sparks. 

For a more soothing outdoor atmosphere, you might prefer a gently trickling water feature

If you want it all but don’t want to work for it, call the design-build team at Winthorpe. We’ll turn your backyard patio space into party central in no time! Connect today, and let’s get started. 

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