The Art of Zen: Home Design for Wellness

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You’ve heard of Feng Shui. You’ve heard of Marie Kondo. Both tout a simplified home aesthetic that promotes wellness. It’s not hard to understand why these trends are so popular. Our lives are busy and hectic, and our homes are our sanctuaries. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a space that is designed specifically to make you feel relaxed?

It seems that more and more these days, homeowners are all about decluttering their houses and their minds. So, with this holistic trend peaking in popularity, let’s look at some design tips for wellness in your home.

Light Up Your Life

Natural light is a huge mood booster: it can help ward off seasonal depression, increase productivity, and help you sleep better. With all these benefits, it’s in your best interest to make the most of the natural light in your home.

If you have small windows, or windows that aren’t positioned to get a lot of sunshine, remodeling may allow you to expand and reposition them. Granted, new windows are a commitment. But, if you’re not in the market for a big change, there are still some things you can do to brighten your space.

Switch out your dark and heavy drapery for something light and breezy. If you still want the option to block out the sun, try blinds. On the other hand, if you lack windows, try placing a few carefully positioned mirrors around the room. These will bounce around the few rays of light that you do get, giving your room a sunnier disposition. To shed a little ambient light on the situation, install switches with dimmers. 

winthorpe design build wellness minded renovationSoundproof Solutions

To be your most Zen, you have to get in good zzz’s. Soundproofing your walls and floors can hush the sounds of loud footfalls and others who live in the home. Plus, it can block out any unnecessary noise from street traffic and neighbors. These disturbances can disrupt your rest and can also be a source of anxiety. Let’s face it, the world outside is stressful, and when you’re at home, you want to be able to get away from all the chaos.

Having this privacy allows you to feel more secure and peaceful in your homes. While soundproofing can be an investment, many find it worth their while.

Open-Concept, Open Mind

One principal of relaxing home design is the open-concept floor plan. It’s all about minimalism, lack of clutter, and facilitating flow throughout your home. Bright, airy, open spaces encourage a clear mind, too. When planning your remodel, consider how an open-concept design can work for you. 

Closed-off spaces can feel oppressive and claustrophobic. If you’re not interested in gutting entire rooms, you can still create a half-wall opening relatively easily. This approach can make your rooms feel more spacious and welcoming. Beyond that, you can declutter and rearrange your furniture into a more straightforward layout to give the area a better sense of flow.

Color Me Chill

While dark and saturated hues may be eye-catching, they tend to make a room look smaller and closed-off, giving the effect of a den. Dark colors aren’t wrong, on the whole, but if you’re not careful, they can definitely overwhelm a room.

For a more Zen approach, go with a more natural color palette. Choose earthy tones, like creams, off-whites, and beiges – even greige. Pure white shades can brighten your space, but they may also come off a bit sterile, and they will show dirt a little more than other shades—not exactly relaxing! If beige sounds a bit boring to you, there are tons of different varieties in both warm and cool tones. Try a gently tinted version of beige, with undertones of pink, purple, or green. 

winthorpe design build wellness minded renovationNatural Beauty

Speaking of green, plants are sure to bring a bit of peace to your room as well. A big aspect of Zen philosophy is embracing natural beauty, and a few plants in your room can help you do just that. Not only are plants serene, but they produce oxygen and will help filter the air in your home. It’s the perfect accent for your at-home wellness approach.

Are You Ready to Remodel?

If you’re looking to Zen up your home, Winthorpe Design & Build can make it happen. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in the Maryland and DC areas, we know how to make your space work for you. Reach out today, and let’s get started.

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