Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Montgomery County

Montgomery County, MD, is a beautiful place to live. However, remodeling is a big job, and you will want to partner with a reputable design-build firm like Winthorpe Design & Build to ensure your result is as stunning as you imagine. 

Winthorpe is a respected bathroom and kitchen remodeling contractor in Montgomery County, and Our team will be with you every step of the way, from ideation to the final coat of paint.

Home Remodeling Services in Montgomery County, MD

Remodeling your home is an exciting prospect. From décor and appliance upgrades to complete renovations and room additions, Winthorpe has the solutions you need to achieve your vision. 

Here are just a few of the home remodeling services we offer in Montgomery County: 

  • Kitchen Renovations and Remodels 
  • Bathroom Renovations and Remodel 
  • Master Ensuite Expansions and Additions 
  • Powder Rooms 
  • Guest Bathrooms 
  • Room, Garage, and Basement Conversions and Additions 
  • Income/In-Law Suites 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Living 
  • Interior and Exterior Improvements 
  • And Much More 

If you’ve got big ideas for your home remodel, we’d love to help you achieve them. Reach out today to start the conversation.


Sometimes, all your house needs is a little TLC. Updating your bathroom or kitchen changes the look and feel of your home while giving you the modern functionality and features you desire. 

Whether you want a luxurious spa bathroom to indulge your senses or an updated gourmet kitchen to entertain your friends and family, Winthorpe will help you realize your vision with style and flair. 

Our approach combines form, design, and function in equal measure. Our team brings decades of experience to the table, assuring you get maximum value for your renovation budget. We work with the area’s top professionals, artisans, and technicians, each one contributing their unique perspective to assure a cohesive result. 

Some of the reasons our customers are renovating their homes include: 

  • Achieve a More Cohesive Design 
  • Change the Floorplan or Layout 
  • Make a Kitchen More Functional 
  • Embrace Open-Concept Living 
  • Add Accessible ADA Features 
  • Luxury Features and Amenities

No matter what your reasons are for remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we are ready to help. Our team will work with you to choose the perfect colors, fixtures, finishes, and materials to achieve the perfect look.

Kitchen Renovations in Montgomery County

Montgomery County kitchen renovations are a hot item right now, in large part because this type of home improvement offers one of the top returns for your home renovation dollars. 

Some of the ways you can reimagine your kitchen include: 

  • Improve the Lighting 
  • Better Layout and Functionality 
  • More Storage Space 
  • Updated Features, Fixtures, and Appliances 
  • Smart Home Technology 
  • Extend Your Décor 
  • Open-Concept Living 
  • Expand Your Work and Living Space

In our initial meeting, we will dive deeply into your ideas for so that we can visualize your dream kitchen. Our team will learn what you don’t like about your kitchen as well as what you do like. The better we understand your wants and needs, the more precisely. 

Our kitchen renovation services include: 

  • Custom Cabinets 
  • Replacement Cabinets 
  • Island Countertops 
  • Kitchen Islands and Double Islands 
  • Kitchen Expansions 
  • Innovative Kitchen Storage Solutions 
  • Kitchen Additions 
  • Eat-In Kitchen/Breakfast Room 
  • Banquette Seating 
  • All Necessary Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC Services

Bathroom Renovations in Montgomery County

There are few limits to what we can help you achieve with your bathroom remodel or renovation. Whether you are adding a powder bathroom,  a hall bath, or expanding your master bath, we have ideas and solutions you will love. 

Create a luxurious spa experience for yourself and your guests, or turn your hall bathroom into a Jack and Jill for convenience. Smart technology features prominently in the modern bathroom too. Smart mirrors, smart lighting, chromatherapy tubs, steam showers, washlets, and radiant floor heating are just a few of the updated features you can have. 

Even better, bathroom renovations in Montgomery County, MD, deliver a superior return on your renovation investment. 

Our bathroom renovation services include: 

  • Custom Cabinetry 
  • Custom Bathroom Additions 
  • Heated Tile Floors 
  • Complete Bathroom Makeovers 
  • Granite or Marble Countertops 
  • Storage Solutions 
  • Smart Technology 
  • Spa Features 
  • And Much More

Room Additions and Conversions

A room addition is a great way to add value and functionality to your home. Expand your living space or convert an unused area into a family room or an income suite. Whatever you decide, be sure to hire an experienced Montgomery County renovation specialist like Winthorpe Design & Build to ensure success. 

Winthorpe Design & Build supports you through every phase of renovation, from architectural design to the finishing touches. 

Reach out today to tell us about your ideas.