Over 30 years of custom home building and remodeling experience

You have many choices regarding who you want to design and construct your home. We don’t use flashy ads or gimmicks to win customers. We concentrate on doing the best possible job to satisfy as many clients as possible.

We develop a progressive understanding of our clients’ needs

We start with our  in-depth client questionnaire that allows us to get to know your goals and vision for your new home, along with your schedule and lifestyle.  We also use a second questionnaire that’s more customized, based on your answers from the first questionnaire and our meetings. We then  tie all the information together to create your new home. Even after the project is started, we are still thinking and creating ways to meet your needs; this process doesn’t stop until the project is finished.

Other “custom builders” aren’t really custom builders

Picking from a set of stock drawings isn’t getting a custom build. We provide truly custom plans that are created with your input, feedback, and needs at the forefront.

We provide access to our full-service team from day one

You have our undivided attention from the day you hire us to the completion of your new home and beyond. This includes lot searches, site development, home design, finishes, and the fixture selection process. There will be a purchasing person and a design person working on your project at all times to ensure that everything comes together just right.

We have an on-site project manager during the entire project

Most companies just send a manager at the end of the workday to check on general progress. Ours arrives on the lot the first day and is present whenever work is done on your build. Everything may look great from the outside, but problems will show up over time if corners are cut. Shortcuts happen when subcontractors bid low prices to get the job, then try to get in and out as quickly as possible. Without a dedicated project manager to keep an eye on things, small mistakes can go unnoticed until they become larger ones.

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Winthorpe optimizes for the best project outcome

Even once you approve the drawings, we’re still actively thinking about customization throughout the project.

One client was surprised we were still looking through the drawings and continuously brainstorming ways to overcome project challenges. The client had okayed the drawings, but Winthorpe is always thinking about how to do things differently.

Other firms are out to make the most money doing the project as fast as possible. We seek satisfied clients and projects that withstand the test of time.

Winthorpe is constantly learning and staying up-to-date

If our clients see something they want in their home, we’ll research and investigate the best way to incorporate the product. We constantly look at new technology and keep up with recent innovations while maintaining craftsmanship and quality in every home.

We offer true Smart Home functionality for aging in place

If that’s what you want, we’ll do it. And by Smart Home, we don’t just mean a Nest thermostat. Smart home options can allow an extended family to monitor you and ensure everything is okay, allowing you to stay in your own home longer.

We use an online portal to keep things organized

Using a program called BuilderTrend, we can easily manage all of our projects and keep communication lines open with clients.

We do an actual feasibility study

Yes, it costs money. On the other hand, you will know for sure if you can build your forever home on the lot.

We’re a true design-build firm

Many design-build firms call themselves design-build – but aren’t. They may pick an architect and an engineer and bring some plans back to the builder, but that’s not design-build – that’s design-then-build. A real design-build firm puts it all under one roof. We generate the architectural plans and build the home – we never just subcontract it out to an architect and general contractor.

Our warranty system is not third-party based

Typically, the homeowner signs a contract and a third party warranties the home. But the problem is that they like to deny claims. At Winthorpe, we bring it in-house and tell our clients we want to hear from them. With third-party arrangements, clients can be waiting for the electrician, but he never shows up. What kind of warranty is that? You don’t know how frustrating this is until you go through it, and that’s what our warranty prevents.

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About Winthorpe Design & Build

Building a new custom home is one of the biggest and most important investments of your life which is why we take it so seriously.

We don’t use a bid process with subcontractors. We pick the best option for your project and don’t base our choice on cost.

Typically, a general contractor opens up a bidding war and selects the cheapest option to get the job done. Winthorpe doesn’t operate this way – we have a select group of subcontractors to work with on the specific project. The biggest problem is that contractors who bid cheap have lower-quality work because, to stay under the bid, they have to work quickly or lose money.

We have extensive experience working with local designers, and engineers to design and build quality, custom homes.

Our strong relationships with our suppliers, tradespeople, and subcontractors ensures the work on your home is of the highest level and is completed on time and within budget.

Winthorpe Design & Build is an award-winning firm conveniently located in Highland, Maryland. We service communities throughout Maryland & Washington DC, and the surrounding areas.

We specialize in turnkey custom home builds as well as distinctive kitchen and bathroom remodels, outdoor living areas, basement remodels, and additions.

Our dedicated and talented team provides concept to completion remodeling that lifts your spirits and enhances your life.

Ready to get started? We invite you to schedule a free in-home consultation.

We look forward to meeting with you!