Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Dayton, MD

Remodeling your Dayton, Maryland, kitchen or bathroom is a fabulous way to upgrade your home and enhance your daily living. When you are ready to make those exciting changes, be sure you partner with an experienced design-build contractor like Winthorpe.

The Winthorpe Design and Build team is 100 percent committed to delivering the best possible results for your home renovation budget, and we love nothing more than to bring ideas to life.


Our Home Remodeling Services in Dayton, MD Include

· Kitchen Renovations and Remodeling
· Bathroom Renovations and Remodeling
· Master Suites
· Home Additions
· Garage Conversions
· Outdoor Living
· And Much More Besides

No matter what your remodeling plans might be, we are here to help. Call today to schedule your consultation.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Services

If you are dreaming about a new kitchen or bathroom, a remodel is the way to do it. Whether you are looking to upgrade the design, change the layout, or add functionality with new and updated fixtures and appliances, Winthorpe has the contracting experience and design expertise you need to make it happen.

A kitchen or bathroom renovation is beneficial in many ways. It can raise the value and “curb appeal” of your home if you are looking to sell, but it can also give you convenience and luxury you will enjoy for many years to come.

Our design-build team comes together to ensure success, with a keen eye toward meeting your needs concerning budget and timeline. We will work with you every step of the way from the initial design to the finishing touches, so you can enjoy a stress-free process from the word go.


Kitchen Renovations in Dayton, MD

Kitchen renovations are very trendy in Dayton, MD, and it’s all down to this: a kitchen remodel delivers the best return on your home improvement dollar. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home in the near future, a kitchen renovation can make your life more convenient and efficient in so many ways.

Some of the reasons Dayton homeowners renovate their kitchens include poor layout, lack of usable storage, and inadequate lighting. No matter what’s on your wish list, we will work with you to bring it to life.

Our kitchen remodeling services include:

· Custom Cabinetry
· Cabinet Replacement or Refacing
· Countertop Replacement or Resurfacing
· Kitchen Islands
· Double Islands
· Eat-In Kitchens
· Breakfast Nooks
· Banquette Seating
· Innovative Storage Solutions
· Kitchen Additions
· Open-Concept Kitchen Remodels
· Connected Appliances
· Universal Design
· Complete Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC
· And More

Bathroom Renovations in Dayton, MD

Your bathroom is many things. It is one of the most essential rooms of the house, but it can also be your personal oasis of calm, apart from your busy life.

What does your dream bathroom look like? Think about all the features you’ve ever wanted: a steam shower or perhaps a multi-jet shower; maybe you would love under-floor heating for those cold winter mornings. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. The range of materials and fixtures are virtually endless, and it’s easy to get the look and functionality you’ve always wanted.

Our bathroom renovation services include:

· Custom Cabinetry
· Custom Countertops and Vanities
· Master Suite Additions
· Hall Bathrooms
· Powder Rooms
· Guest Ensuite
· Jack and Jill Bathrooms
· Bathroom Expansions
· Heated Tile Floors
· Custom Tilework
· Natural Stone Shower Panels
· Smart Mirrors and Connected Features
· LED Lighting
· And So Much More

Reach out today to schedule a consultation with our design-build team. We would love to hear your ideas and show you how we can bring your vision of a perfect bathroom to life.


Room Additions and Conversions

If you have unused or underused space in your home, why not turn it into something you and your family will love?

A room addition is a great way to gain extra space and functionality. You could enclose a sunroom or a screen porch to make it a year-round extra room, or add a sunroom off the kitchen to brighten everybody’s day.

Convert your attic or garage into a family room, an extra bedroom, or a home office. Add a second story onto your detached garage to create an income suite, or build an addition as a stand-alone apartment for your aging parents.

There are so many possibilities, and we know how overwhelming it can be. Winthorpe Design and Build is a trusted renovation specialist in Dayton, MD, and there is nothing we enjoy more than seeing a plan come together.

Reach out today to learn more about how we can make your home renovation dreams come true.

We Build Relationships

Winthorpe Design & Build is a family-owned business with nearly 30 years of experience in the Washington DC metro area. We believe that strong relationships are the foundation of every project we do – and they’re what we consider to be our greatest accomplishment.

We’re happy to say that the people we meet as remodeling clients become a part of our family, too!

If you’re a homeowner in Georgetown, DC or the surrounding Washington DC metro area interested in a kitchen, bathroom, or other home remodeling project, we invite you to contact us. Together we’ll explore a world of exciting remodeling options that will give you the home you’ve always dreamed of.