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How do Construction and Architecture Overlap?

There are two main aspects of creating a new building: architecture and construction. While construction teams and architects both work toward the same goal – creating a structure that fits the client’s desires – their means of doing so are quite different. Because of this, people tend to hire an architect, or another kind of designer, alongside their construction team. But it’s almost always cheaper to hire a design-build team like the one at Winthorpe Design and Build.

What are the Differences Between the Job of an Architect and a Construction Team?

You’ll rarely find a building construction project where one was hired without the other. Still, the job of a designer or architect vastly differs from that of a construction team. They both play crucial roles in building residential properties and apartment complexes, but in very different ways.

There are distinct jobs in the construction field. Despite the simplified idea some people may have, construction is about more than nailing a few boards together and calling it a day. One of the most critical jobs within the construction team is that of construction manager. This job is essential for the build process and is often foreign to an architect. 

Construction managers are tasked with coordinating both the design and construction process and ensuring that the schedules for both teams align. While their expertise is most commonly used for construction in residential areas or privately owned properties, they will occasionally be called in to construct government-owned buildings, public roads, and even the occasional overpass. 

Another part of a construction manager’s job is analyzing and hiring specialists for things like wiring, plumbing, etc., which they then must approve. A construction manager almost always stays on a job from the initial design conception to the finished product. They oversee the rest of the team and track their progress to ensure that all of the tasks get done and that the project completed.

What Does an Architect Do?


An architect’s job, to put it simply, is to design the building that these construction teams will be working on. A designer’s job is important because they make sure that the final structure is an accurate representation of the client and structurally sound. In addition, they often work hand-in-hand with the build teams to make sure that safety hazards are minimized, functionality is prioritized, and energy efficiency is optimized. 

Designers work closely with clients to draw up a clear, detailed plan that visually represents all clients’ ideal building requirements. That way, the builders have a good understanding of precisely what they’re supposed to be constructing. Designers are also in charge of the pre-build assessments to ensure that what the client has in mind is possible. They can also use this to make sure that the project stays within the client’s budget. 

Why Designers May be the Better Choice to Work with your Build Team

While architects complete the specific tasks associated with the design process, they aren’t always the most practical option – especially financially. Still, you need someone with experience and training to draw up the plans for your home or other building projects. Without adequate planning, the construction team is more likely to miscalculate the placements of critical components or place things in the wrong order. Imagine hanging drywall without running the right pipes or electrical wiring first – such mistakes take a lot of time and money to fix. 

A lack of a design makes it tough to give an accurate price estimate. The construction team will have to learn and discuss what exactly you want in your home as they go, meaning that the costs will be ever-changing. Not only that, but the increased risk of mistakes and miscommunications could cost extra to fix. 

How Do You Get Designs Without an Architect?

So how are you supposed to come up with usable design plans to present the construction team if you don’t hire an architect to make them? And why shouldn’t you hire an architect? 

The best alternative to hiring an architect is to hire a design-build team like WInthorpe Design and Build. An alarming number of architects have little to no first-hand experience with the building process, which leads them to make plans the construction team can’t execute. They also don’t always focus on creating a build that serves your practical, everyday needs, as they tend to be used to working on big, corporate buildings. 

When you hire a design-build team, you’re hiring designers that work hand-in-hand with the builders daily. They almost always have years of experience with builds, meaning they know what is and isn’t practical right off the bat. 

If you want to start looking for a design-build firm that knows what they’re doing, Winthorpe Design and Build is an excellent place to start. We have over three decades of experience and are constantly working to improve our new process, which now includes virtual design consultation. If you’d like to learn more about us, we’d be happy to share, plus show you a few of our past builds to give you a feel for what we do

We look forward to hearing from you!

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