Custom Homes vs Tract Homes in Maryland or Washington DC

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So, you’ve been searching for your dream home for a long time, and now you’re trying to decide between a custom-built home or a tract home. In this article, we’ll explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you make an informed decision.

Custom homes offer more options

You have more control over the options you’re able to choose, which can make your home more tailored to your needs and preferences. For example, if you want a smaller lot with less maintenance, but still want a spacious house with huge windows, custom building is the way to go. Or maybe you’d like an open floor plan with a large kitchen along with three bedrooms instead of four bedrooms (or vice versa). This is all possible when building from scratch. If you aren’t interested in having an oversized backyard or having space for extra cars in the garage and would rather focus on other aspects of the house—like making sure every room has enough storage or creating great views from each room—a custom builder will work closely with you throughout every step of construction so everything turns out exactly how it should be.

Tract homes tend to be cheaper

  • Tract homes are often cheaper than custom homes because they are pre-made.
  • Tract homes are built in factories, so the costs of building and transporting them from the factory to their final destination are much lower.
  • You can buy tract homes more quickly than you can order a custom home, which means you don’t have to wait for your dream house if you’re in a rush or want it as soon as possible.

Tract homes share a standard floor plan

A tract home is a house that shares a standard floor plan. Tracts of homes are built in developments and neighborhoods where the developer has purchased or leased land from a landowner. Each of these tracts will have houses with the same designs, layouts, and exterior features. The idea behind this is to make it easy for buyers to pick out their dream home because it will look like all the other houses in that development. Developers also want to maximize their profit by selling as many homes as possible, so they design floor plans that appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

The downside of tract homes is that everyone’s house looks very similar—so much so that it can be difficult for you to find your dream home if you want something more unique than what’s offered by your neighborhood’s builder.

Custom homes are more unique

Custom homes are more unique than tract homes.


  • You can pick your own lot. When you buy a tract home, it’s usually built on a standard lot and the house is constructed to fit that particular lot. If you want to move to another area or buy a slightly different home, it’s very difficult because there aren’t any other lots available in that area or with those dimensions. In contrast, if you build your own custom home on your own land, then you don’t have this problem; all of the lots will be similar but not identical!
  • You can pick your own floor plan—and design it exactly how you want it to be! With a custom home builder like Winthorpe, we will work with our clients from beginning to end so that every detail is exactly what they want for their new dream home! We offer many different styles including ranch houses (traditional), colonial styles (colonial style), split entry designs (split level), and much more!

Customers also enjoy choosing from an array of colors for exterior features such as siding or trimming around windows & doors which is something not possible for tract homes

There are advantages to both, but a custom home can give you more options.

You’ll have to decide which is better for you, but there are advantages to both.

  • A custom home can give you more options. When it comes to things like floor plans and colors, tract homes have a standard layout and palette of colors that don’t change much from the model. Custom homes allow you to choose your own plan and color scheme—but they’re also more expensive than tract homes because they take longer to build.
  • Tract homes are cheaper than custom ones. Since they’re built on a standard site with a standard design, the cost of building them is lower than for a custom home, which usually requires additional labor costs associated with building an individualized property.



If you are looking to buy a new home, there are a lot of considerations. The process of choosing the right home for your needs can be a long one, and it’s important to do research before making any decisions. The type of house you buy will depend on your own needs, budget, and preferences. It’s best to consider all options before buying anything so that you aren’t stuck in an undesirable situation later on down the line! If we were giving advice about this topic then our recommendation would be to make sure there is enough space in both homes for your family members or pets as well as any future additions should they arise sometime later down the road.


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