Designing a Kitchen around Low Windows

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Designing a kitchen is hard work, and there are many things to factor in before getting started. For example, if your kitchen area has low windows, that can complicate things. But, good news! You don’t have to let low windows ruin your design plans. On the contrary, you can use them to your advantage for incorporating some cool and trendy design ideas. 


Unfortunately, some of these designs can be a bit pricey to construct, and that price only grows if you hire an architect to help you draw up your design ideas. There is a simple solution to this, though. Hiring a design and build firm, especially a cost-friendly one like Winthorpe Design and Build, saves you the trouble and cost of hiring two separate teams of designers and builders. In the meantime, here is a few ideas of things you could do to utilize the space around your low windows. 

Create a Reading Nook

Sometimes when you’re cooking or baking, you have to wait for a time before completing the next step in the recipe. Standing around and finding idle tasks to do while you wait can be tedious, but going to do something else in another room can be a bad idea. 

Creating a reading nook can be done easily, especially when working with an experienced design-build firm like Winthorpe Design and Build. It gives you a nice place to curl up with a book while you wait, or even just relax and watch the scenery outside. It adds a nice little space to relax and take a break from your busy schedule, while also giving your kitchen a bit of personality. 

Install a Breakfast Bar

If you have a busy life and don’t have time to regularly set the table for a big family breakfast or just aren’t a morning person, then having a breakfast bar may be a good idea. It gives you and your family a place to sit while they grab a quick bite to eat, without dirtying the table or scrambling for place settings. 

Breakfast bars also offer more counter space for prepping and serving food. They’re incredibly versatile and have been in style for a while now. It also provides space for kids to do their homework or play in the kitchen without getting in your way as you prepare the next meal. It also gives the adults a place to do work-related things without worrying about kids getting in the way or knocking things over and stuff like that. 

Lower Cabinets/Storage 

Cabinets work most conveniently when tall. Taller cabinets are easier to reach and can provide more space for shelves and storage, but other configurations can still work. You could always install some lower cabinets for smaller items or kitchen tools you don’t often use. Things like seasonal tableware, tablecloths, picnic gear, and whatever else you see fit would be a great use for lower cabinets like these. 

A Place for Plants (or other decorations)

It’s common knowledge that plants thrive in the sun, so why not add a plant box so you can grow fresh, healthy produce with the convenience of being inside your kitchen. This arrangement also protects seeds or young plants from dangers like weather, animals, and what have you. 

If you don’t have a green thumb and gardening just isn’t your thing, you could always design a wider window ledge that you can use to put up your favorite kitchen decorations or use as a bookshelf for your cookbooks. 

A Place for Pets

As most pet owners know, most indoor animals like to feel involved in what you’re doing, or at least be near you while you’re doing this. However, having animals around can be problematic in areas like the kitchen, where you have to be careful with what you’re doing. Not only that, it can sometimes be downright dangerous. Cooking involves a lot of sharp objects, hot items and food, heavy pans, and more. In addition, many animals can be seriously harmed if they consume the wrong thing, but they may try anyways. 

With animals underfoot, it’s far more likely that you’ll drop something dangerous or spill food the animal shouldn’t have. However, you can design your kitchen to have a small, pet-friendly space to put them so that they can feel involved without having to worry about them causing trouble. 

Winthorpe Design and Build

Whatever you decide you want to do with the low windows in your kitchen (and the area around them), Winthorpe Design and Build is here to help. We’ve got decades of experience both designing and building just about anything, and a few low windows won’t get in the way of us creating the kitchen of your dreams. 


To learn more or schedule a consultation, please visit our website, or call us at the numbers below. 

Office: 301-854-2092

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