What To Look For When It’s Time To Upgrade Your HVAC System

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HVAC units incorporate industry improvements every year. If your unit is 10 years old or older, consider upgrading to a new system. The price may be worth the boost in efficiency. Check Energy Star for a checklist of telltale signs that it’s time to replace your unit. When looking for a new model, consider several different factors:

  • Efficiency ratings. Efficiency ratings, often indicated with a percentage on units like furnaces, show how much electricity is directly converted into heat. Today’s furnaces, especially with energy-efficient fuels, can reach over 90% efficiency without trouble. Don’t forget to check your state’s energy efficiency incentives for tax breaks and subsidies on new, efficient HVAC upgrades.
  • Energy Star certification. Energy Star certification is given to models that have notably energy efficient features. For easy energy-efficient shopping, choose an Energy Star certified product.
  • Two-stage heat pumps. Heat pumps are a great way to increase HVAC efficiency, but they struggle in areas with high temperature fluctuations and cold winters. Consider using a two-stage heat pump, which can switch between two different modes based on the temperature to help use energy more effectively.

Spring is the time to get your HVAC system maintained. Take the time to get your HVAC its yearly checkup, and you’ll enjoy a comfortable home and lower energy bills year-round!

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