Where to Go Hiking in Anne Arundel County

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It’s no secret that Anne Arundel County is a great place to hike. Whether you’re looking for a challenging climb or just want to enjoy some time outside, the county has something for everyone. It’s got everything: trails through woods and fields, streams along the way, and even an old mill with a giant waterwheel (for which the park is named). Plus, it’s close enough to make it worth visiting if you’re staying in Annapolis or Baltimore. 

There are a lot of hiking trails in Anne Arundel County. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or an intense workout, there are trails suited to every level of hiker.

Some of the most popular trails in Anne Arundel County include Quiet Waters Park, BWI Trail, and Patapsco Valley State Park McKeldin Area. Some other hiking spots worth checking out include Kinder Farm Park and Patuxent Research Refuge (PRR). Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors without having to go far from home.

BWI Trail

The BWI Trail is a flat, paved trail that goes around the perimeter of Baltimore-Washington International Airport. The trail is open year-round and makes for a great place to walk, bike or rollerblade through nature. You’re likely to see some wildlife along the way including birds (whom you should keep your distance from), turtles, and snakes. Some joggers have been known to run in the morning when air traffic is lightest at BWI—just be aware that there will be airplanes landing and taking off while you’re on this trail!


B&A Trail

The B&A Trail is a 15.5-mile trail that runs from BWI Airport to Annapolis. The B&A Trail runs through Laurel and Anne Arundel Counties, crossing multiple points of interest along the way. With several access points, you can easily get on the trail and enjoy a scenic walk or bike ride with your family or friends! The trail is open from dawn until dusk every day of the year (though some sections may be closed for maintenance).


Downs Park

Downs Park is a great place to go hiking in Anne Arundel County. The park offers trails for all levels of experience, and you can enjoy the scenery no matter what time of year you visit. Downs Park is a 10-acre park located in Pasadena, Maryland. The park has a playground and a dog park for the kids, as well as picnic tables and benches for family gatherings—and let’s not forget about the walking trails! Downs Park is part of the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network, which aims to connect people with nature along MD Route 100 from Annapolis all the way up to Baltimore.

Kinder Farm Park

Kinder Farm Park is located in Severna Park and is a great place to walk your dog. The park has a large playground, a small pond, picnic tables, grills, and even a basketball court. Kinder Farm Park has a trail system that is open to hikers of all ages. In the summer, you can cool off by taking a dip in their swimming pool or cooling off in one of their wading pools. 


Patapsco Valley State Park McKeldin Area

The McKeldin Area is located in the southwest corner of Patapsco Valley State Park. The trail winds through steep, rocky terrain and passes through several ravines before reaching a small waterfall. If you are looking for something to do that will give you an adrenaline rush, this hike might be just what you are looking for!

The hiking trail is approximately 5 miles long (one way). It takes most people 3-4 hours to complete it on average. You can expect to encounter some challenging terrain along the way including steep grades and rocks as well as some muddy areas depending on when you go hiking during the year. So if you’re up for a challenge, then this may be just what your day needs!


Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is a great place to hike, with a variety of trails ranging from 1.75 miles to 4 miles long. The shorter trails are more manageable and have less elevation gain than the longer ones, but if you have time and are looking for something more challenging, the longer routes offer beautiful scenery as well as more seclusion.

Because the park is close to home, it is easy to make plans with friends or family members to enjoy a day out at Quiet Waters Park. The park has plenty of activities available including walking/running along paved paths, biking along unpaved paths, and enjoying food at one of the many picnic tables available throughout the park grounds (the most popular ones being located near Waterfowl Lake). You can bring your own boat or rent one from Canoe Bay Marina located within Quiet Waters Park boundaries. They have fishing boats available for rent starting at $15 per hour if you are just looking for something fun to do with friends while enjoying nature together.


Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area

Located in the northwest corner of Anne Arundel County, Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area is a great place to hike. The trails are easy to find and well-maintained, so you won’t have any trouble getting lost or turned around—but be prepared for some narrow paths that can get overgrown.

Length can vary based on which trail you take; an easy walk near the parking area includes boardwalks across marshy areas and a small creek crossing. There are also several other options for longer hikes with more elevation gain and some steeper climbs up rocky terrain.



If you’re looking for a great hiking experience in Anne Arundel County, consider one of these trails. They’re easy to access and offer some of the best views in the area.

We recommend starting at Sandy Point State Park or Fort Smallwood Park. Both parks have a lot of different trails that are specifically designed to be accessible for everyone: no matter if you’ve never hiked before or if it’s your favorite pastime.


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