You Warranty My Remodel – How Long Does That Last? Warranties on Winthorpe’s Maryland and Washington D.C. Remodels

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Winthorpe takes pride in our product, and we strive to ensure our clients’ satisfaction with their new or remodeled home. To that end, we not only warranty our work, but we periodically follow up with our clients after the project’s completion. There’s security for the homeowner knowing they are protected by warranties, but there’s even more peace of mind knowing we care about them and their home long after the work is done.

There are several types of warranties associated with a remodel; some of them are our warranties, and some are covered by a manufacturer. It may help a homeowner to keep a file with all the warranties related to their home, their expiration dates, and who to contact in the case anything breaks, leaks, or otherwise malfunctions.

Third-Party Warranties

Many items in a home come with their own warranty. This includes appliances, electronics, smart systems, and other such items. Manufacturer warranties usually come with any appliance and can vary in how long and how much they cover. Something like a water heater or a dishwasher may have different warranty periods, from 1 year to several years, depending on the brand and whether the homeowner purchased an extended warranty. It’s wise to hold on to appliance manuals and warranty guides, for reference.

how long do you warranty your remodeling workWinthorpe’s Warranties

Winthorpe provides three general sets of warranties on every project- a five-year warranty, a three-year warranty, and a one-year warranty. Here’s a breakdown of what they cover.

Five-Year Warranty

Winthorpe’s five-year warranty covers the mechanical features of a home, such as plumbing and HVAC (heating and cooling). Should a bathtub leak, a faucet drip, or the radiant heat falter, we’ll cover it.

Three-Year Warranty

Our three-year warranty covers workmanship. If something fails as a result of inadequate workmanship, we take full responsibility for it. If a doorframe should shift out of true, we’ll come square it. If a wood floor buckles or tiles fall off the backsplash, we’ll fix it. Roof leaks, stucco cracks, and nail-pop all fall under the three-year warranty.

One-Year Warranty

For the most part, everything is covered by us for the first year. We strive to produce a product of very high quality, with the intent that everything will work as intended for a long time. However, occasionally things happen, and something needs our attention. Winthorpe covers the repair of almost anything that shouldn’t have needed it within the first year, aside from normal wear and tear.  Even in the case of major appliances- if something happens to the double oven, we’ll meet with the appliance repair representative and make sure the warranty is taken care of.

how long do you warranty your remodeling work

What’s Not Covered?

There are some items our warranties do not cover. Hail damage or a tree branch falling on the roof don’t fall under our warranties but should be covered by homeowner’s insurance. Likewise, if, say, a child swings from a towel bar and pulls it from the wall, we’re happy to come reinstall it, but it won’t fall under our warranty. If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll discuss what needs repair, to see if it’s an out-of-pocket cost or if it’s covered by us or a manufacturer.

Personalized Follow-Up

The most effective way for us to make sure our work is performing as intended is to check on it. Once a project is finished, we do a complete walkthrough, testing all the installations and visually observing the final product. Three months later, we touch base with the homeowner to see how things are going, and ask if they are having any issues, or if they have any questions. At the six-month mark we check in again, a bit more thoroughly. At the one-year mark, we like to visit the project in person, inquire about any problems or questions, and take care of any one-year warranty repairs. By touching base quarterly, we’re able to address any concerns quickly and efficiently, and make sure our clients are happy with their home.

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