Creating The Master Suite of Your Dreams

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The master suite is probably one of the most important rooms in the house. So, why is it often overlooked? 

In our experience, the master suite is often the last thing on the remodel list. Kitchens and bathrooms get all the glory, but in reality, you spend a good deal of your time in the master suite, so it ought to be your favorite room, your respite, your retreat. 

Homeowners who are empty nesters tend to derive a lot of value from a renovated master suite. The kids are gone, and it’s finally time to do something nice for yourself. Whether you are adding an ensuite bathroom, enlarging the bathroom, or making the bedroom bigger with an addition or a bump-out, adding a deck or a balcony – it’s all possible.

Components Of Your Dream Master Suite

The three primary components of your dream master suite are:

  1. The Bedroom
  2. The Bathroom
  3. The Closet

While the possibilities are endless, these are the broad strokes, and always where we start. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to achieve the master suite of your dreams:

winthorpe design build creating your dream master suiteRelocate The Bedroom Entirely

Where the master bedroom is located now might not be ideal for a master suite. However, if you have some ideas about where you would like to be, it’s possible to change your entire outlook. For example, if you have a lovely garden or a deck with a view, you might want to take advantage of these features.

Master Suite Additions

Master Suite AddiIf there is no room in your house to grow into, you could think about growing outward. An addition will give you a lot of extra space, and you could even add a balcony where you can read a book in the afternoon or enjoy your morning coffee.

winthorpe design build creating your dream master suiteMaster Ensuite

If you don’t already have a master ensuite, we can create one. Generally speaking, we would look at taking over space in an adjoining room or opening up a closet to make way. If your kids are out of the house and you have a couple of extra bedrooms, you might even consider commandeering one of those rooms entirely, which would both enlarge your bedroom and also provide enough space for an amply-sized bathroom.

As for what goes into your master ensuite, some of the possibilities include:

  • Soaking tub, jet tub, or therapy tub
  • Spa shower or steam shower
  • Multi-jet or dual-head shower
  • Walk-in curbless or barrier-free shower
  • Separate toilet room
  • Double sinks
  • Large mirrors
  • LED lighting
  • Radiant under-floor heating
  • Custom cabinetry
  • New windows
  • Natural stone countertops
  • Smart mirrors
  • Shower panels or custom tile

And don’t be shy about going high-end on your fixtures and finishes. Keep in mind, this is for you. You don’t have to worry about an army of kids tramping in and out or all the wear and tear. You can feel okay about spending a little more to get what you want.

winthorpe design build creating your dream master suiteWalk-In Closet

When you imagine your dream master suite, the closet might be the last thing on your mind. On the other hand, it might be the first – everybody has different priorities! 

What kind of a closet will make you happiest? Do you need a spacious walk-in closet with lots of room for hanging clothes? Do you need a separate room for all your shoes? Would you like a changing area with seating and a vanity 

Other things you might want to think about for your master closet include:

  • Built-in cabinetry: cabinetry allows you to put everything away and keeps your closet looking nice and tidy.
  • Built-in drawers: with a place for everything and everything in its place, getting dressed is a snap no matter what the occasion.
  • Ample storage for boxes and seasonal outfits: you don’t want to have to look at your beachwear when there’s snow on the ground or sift through sweaters looking for your pool coverup in July. Ample storage takes care of all that.
  • Mirrors: Full-length mirrors are a must for any dressing room. You might also think about smart mirrors, too, some of which have Bluetooth screens that connect to your mobile device so you can keep yourself entertained as you get ready.
  • Adjustable LED lighting: you want to dress and get ready in the most flattering light possible, so be sure your closet lighting is adjustable to suit the time of day.

Are you thinking about a master suite renovation? We would love to hear your ideas and show you how we can help. Reach out today, and let’s talk about it.

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